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November 18, 2020

Winter Weddings In COVID — How to Stay Warm and Safe

Staying Warm And Safe In Rustic Wedding Venues in Maryland

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When looking for rustic wedding venues in Maryland for your upcoming winter wedding, you’ll not only want to find the right location for you and your guests, but you’ll also want to make sure everyone is warm and safe. Since we are still feeling the effects of COVID, you’ll want to opt for a tented wedding this year. Because of that, you may have to take extra steps to make sure your guests stay warm throughout your day. Read more on our tips to make sure your guests stay warm and safe, no matter the venue you choose. 

Perfect Rustic Wedding Venues in Maryland

If you’re looking for the perfect rustic wedding venue in Maryland for your winter wedding, look no further. These venues are sure to accommodate your guests and flow with your wedding style to not only allow you to have a beautiful rustic wedding but also keep your wedding guests safe. Since these venues have outdoor options, you’ll be able to space out your guests enough to support social distancing throughout your big day. 

Kylan Barn

Kylan Barn - photo via

Kylan Barn sits on a beautiful 35-acre property in Delmar, Maryland. Essentially picture-perfect, this venue is sophisticated, unique, and versatile. Kylan Barn is sure to blend with any rustic theme you may be going for. Your guests will be led to the barn on a gravel path, which opens up to a simple, yet elegant barn. Throughout the night, your guests can enjoy the views looking over three ponds and watch your have your first dance inside the stunning barn. 

Camp Wright

Camp Wright - photo via

Camp Wright is located on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay and only a short drive away from Baltimore and Washington D.C. This venue offers an outdoor chapel, private beach access, a private cabin for wedding preparation and for the couple after the wedding, and complete creative freedom for planning your wedding. The staff at Camp Wright will work with you and any vendor you select to ensure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. 

Herrington on the Bay

The Paradise Ballroom at the Herrington on the Bay - photo via

Herrington on the Bay’s Paradise Ballroom is stunning, to say the least. The venue is a 60x75-ft. State-of-the-art tent complimented with a tulle and ribbon tent liner, fairy lights, and a crystal chandelier. Additionally, you can rent lighting packages, lounge decor, and decorative accents to make your day as special as possible. Herrington on the Bay is perfect for any couple looking for a dreamy wedding venue. 

Keeping your bridal party warm

How to keep your bridal party warm at your rustic wedding venue in Maryland

Bridal party in fur wraps. photo via

During the winter, your bridal party will likely have to be outside for some of the day. Because traditional bridal party dresses aren’t the warmest, make sure you outfit and prepare your bridal party for their time outside so that they stay warm and don’t get their dresses wet. 

  • Hand warmers. Whether you opt for a single-use or knitted option, hand warmers would be a great gift for your bridal party to help them stay warm during your upcoming winter wedding. If you go for a knitted hand warmer, you can choose colors that compliment your wedding colors well so they look great in your pictures from the night. 
  • Fleece-lined leggings. If you’ve chosen long dresses for your wedding, your bridal party can wear fleece-lined leggings underneath their dresses to keep them warm all night. Because they’ll be wearing long dresses, you won’t be able to see the leggings in your pictures. Even as the bride, you can wear long leggings underneath your wedding dress as well to keep yourself warm. 
  • Winter boots. If you’re braving snow on your wedding day, encourage your bridesmaids to wear winter boots. While you’re getting pictures outside or walking from one place to another, they can take off their dress shoes and throw on a pair of winter boots so their feet don’t get cold or wet while you’re outside. When you get back to the reception venue, they can throw their dress shoes right back on. 
  • Fur wraps. Fur wraps can be a gorgeous addition to your wedding party’s look while also keeping them warm. There are tons of different colors so you’re sure to find a fur wrap that goes perfectly with your wedding style and colors. 
  • Ear muffs. Depending on how cold it will get on your wedding day, you can give your bridal party personalized ear muffs for your big day. This way, your bridal party will still match and you won’t have to worry about how mixed matched ear muffs will look in your pictures. 

Ways to keep your wedding guests warm

Heating Things Up at Your Rustic Wedding Venue In Maryland

Blanket gift favors on guest chairs. photo via


At any wedding, it’s always important to make sure guests are comfortable, but it’s especially important at a winter wedding. You’ll want to make sure that all of your guests are warm enough throughout your day. Taking extra steps to make sure they’re warm will be appreciated by all of your wedding guests. 

  • Space heaters. Keep your guests warm and cozy with space heaters throughout your venue. If you go with an electric heater, you’ll likely need a generator to run it, unless your tented venue has electricity. With a propane heater, you can run it without plugging it in, which is probably your best option. Depending on how large your venue is, you may want to consider buying or renting a couple space heaters to distribute the heat equally throughout your venue so your guests don’t get cold. 
  • Warm drinks. On a cold winter day, your guests will appreciate a nice touch like a hot chocolate bar. Offer warm drinks to your guests to make sure they’re warm. If you opt for a warm alcoholic drink, make sure you give a non-alcoholic option so everyone at your wedding can enjoy it. 
  • Extra blankets. If you know your wedding will be cold, skip a traditional wedding favor and provide your guests with blankets to keep warm during your wedding as their wedding favor. Your guests will thank you when they’re all bundled up in their blankets throughout the night. 

Warm Up Your Wedding Menu

Best meal options for rustic wedding venues in Maryland

Smokehouse Grill's Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast

When it comes time to select a wedding caterer, make sure you pick one that can provide you with a warm meal option.The Smokehouse Grill offers many upscale, non-barbeque options as well as barbeque options for a little extra spice. We have four wedding packages, which include entrees such as our delicious Chicken Chesapeake, Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, or our juicy filet mignon to choose from. Interested in barbeque options? We have plenty of packages that include pulled pork, BBQ chicken, or our Smokehouse Pit Beef. Plus, you can choose which sides you’d like to serve your guests from our BBQ sides. Either route you decide to go with The Smokehouse Grill, your guests are sure to be impressed and stay warm from the hot food options. 

Keeping your guests warm and safe during the winter at rustic wedding venues in Maryland is crucial. Ensure they’re warm throughout the whole day, and they won’t even notice the cold temperatures. Looking to book a caterer for your upcoming wedding? Contact The Smokehouse Grill today to learn more about our packages.

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