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May 23, 2023

Why you should use The Smokehouse Grill to provide bar services for your next event

Why you should use The Smokehouse Grill to provide bar services for your next event

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Have you seen our Full Service Bar Packages?

Instead of trying to bartend yourself at your party or event, rely on the experts to deliver the service and experience you need to keep the party flawless.

There are so many reasons to use The Smokehouse Grill to provide bar services for your event, so read on to learn about all of our offerings and advantages of staying professional when serving your guests alcohol at your event.

We've got brand new refrigerated vans that can arrive on site with ice cole beer at 34 degrees and always fully-stocked with ice - lots of ice! An average event goes through 800lbs of ice

With SHG bar services (added to your catering package):

  • We remain on site till the conclusion and make sure everything is performed through final clean up
  • We won't run out of alcohol as we keep extra liquor in stock 
  • Our mixologist can make almost any drink with our top shelf open bar package, including orange crushes and grapefruit crushes
  • We stock all the mixers, soft drinks and water in our catering vans .
  • We provide 2 million in liquor liability with our bar services & liquor license

Who is held responsible if something bad should happen?

Stay out of the liability chain with licensed and insured bar services. Liquor liability is not something to fool around with. SHG carry’s a statewide liquor license. Most caterers do not have a liquor license so they cannot sell you liquor thus they will serve customer provided alcohol.

If you provide your own alcohol for your event regardless of who serves it, YOU ARE HELD LIABLE. When you hire a licensed caterer with a liquor license you remove yourself from the alcohol liability because you hired a licensed and insured professional.

Not many caterers have a license to sell and serve alcohol as it's highly regulated within the state of Maryland. We pride ourselves in having this special license to sell and serve alcohol in every county in the state of Maryland.

Bartending services and bar trailers for rent typically do not have a liquor license to sell alcohol, rather a business license to operate a business, so they are only providing a service to serve your beverages/alcohol. The liability with serving alcohol is too large to hire an unlicensed and most likely underinsured contractor.

And always remember if someone says they can sell you alcohol, always ask to see their license.

Would you hire a contractor not actually licensed to work in your home?

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