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May 22, 2019

Why Couples Should Invest in Alcohol Catering for Their Weddings

Keep the party going with a premium alcohol service

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The vows have been exchanged. The champagne bottle has been popped. Glasses have been raised for a toast. The wedding reception has finally begun. Guests can relax, mingle, eat, and drink in celebration of the newly married couple, who can finally take a break from a long day spent preparing for the wedding and unwind a little.

If you want to offer a fun and well-organized reception for your guests, consider looking into companies that specialize in alcohol catering for weddings. Trained staff members with years of service experience can not only whip up a mean cocktail but also keep an eye on guests who may have had too much to drink.

For this blog post, we will go over:

  • How professional alcohol catering companies can keep everyone happy and stress-free
  • Things to consider when hiring alcohol caterers
  • Fun options that alcohol caterers offer

Time to get the party started. Cheers!

Why Hiring Experts in Alcohol Catering for Weddings Will Make Your Life Easier

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As you plan out the drink services for your wedding reception, you will need to consider how much alcohol you should buy, what drinks you will serve, and who will make them. Most people don’t know how to properly calculate the appropriate amount of drinks to purchase for a special event. And unless they took a bartending class or two, they’re probably not going to be able to make proper margaritas or mojitos for their reception.

Determining the Menu

Catering companies can help you plan this out by providing a set of alcohol packages including price lists to look at during a meeting. Each package will usually be able to accommodate parties of varying sizes. Plus, you can usually customize certain packages to your liking. On the day of the event, professional bartenders and staff members will be on-site to serve the drinks.

The Smokehouse Grill, for instance, offers several menu options. Their most popular package offers beer, wine, and top-shelf liquor. You can also get a premium beer upgrade for an additional charge or choose the cash bar option if you wish.

Managing the Event

Another great thing about hiring alcohol caterers is that, while you mingle with guests, they manage the supplies, serve drinks, and handle set-up and breakdown. Instead of running around in search of ice when it starts to run low, you can spend time catching up with friends and relatives. Experienced staff will be busy making drinks and restocking supplies to help the event run smoothly.

Things to Keep in Mind When Searching for a Caterer

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Once you’ve decided to look into companies that provide alcohol catering for your wedding, it is up to you to do some research to find the one best suited for your needs.

When doing so, remember to consider:

  • Your personal needs, including the event size and the type of drinks you want to provide
  • Whether the caterer has experience with serving at your selected venue
  • Their general reputation
  • How much you can afford to spend on alcohol catering

Personal Needs

Maybe you want to reserve a champagne bottle for you and your significant other to pop. Or you want to provide sparkling cider for the toast. Perhaps you even want to add a special cocktail to the menu. Make sure to bring up these ideas to caterers you are interested in.

Bonus: some catering companies offer both food and alcohol service. Kill two birds with one stone by seeking out those who do. The Smokehouse Grill, for instance, provides both food and alcohol catering.


See if the caterer has worked at the venue you have reserved before. The more familiar they are with the venue, the easier it will be to coordinate the set-up and ensure smooth service throughout the event.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

Do your research. Negative reviews citing unpleasant experiences with the company are obvious red flags. That being said, you might want to ignore reviews that seem outrageous or over the top. Some people just like to use the internet to troll others.


Cost in an important factor to consider when researching catering companies. You don’t want to break the bank, but you also want to provide stellar service to your guests. Find a company that won’t make you compromise between the two.

Check Out These Fun Drink Options Offered by Caterers

premium bar

Cash bar or open bar? Beer and wine only or a menu with cocktails in the mix? Should you get a keg? Having a good idea of your guests’ needs as well as the cost for each of these items should help you answer some of these questions. An experienced caterer can also help guide you through your menu choices. Some can even provide a custom-priced package for your reception.

Here are just a few options below you can consider.

  • Beer and Wine
  • Hard liquor
  • Any combination of the above three drink choices
  • A sangria station offering red and white sangria mixed with fresh fruit and a splash of soda
  • A margarita station offering different flavors with slices of lime on the side
  • A mojito station
  • A special, signature drink station designed by you

Don’t be afraid to sit back and relax while your caterer handles the food and alcohol.

For more information on alcohol catering and packages, contact one of our team members at the Smokehouse Grill, a premier catering company that serves the Mid-Atlantic region.

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