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December 3, 2021

What Should You Include on Your Wedding Enclosure Card?

Find out from The Smokehouse Grill, a top BBQ catering in Baltimore, the 5 things can include on your wedding enclosure card.

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When you invite your guests to your wedding, the first thing you typically do is send out a wedding invitation. Before you send out your invitations, you want to make sure that you give your guests as much pertinent information about your big day as possible. However, there is only so much room on your invitation — that’s where an enclosure card comes in handy.

An enclosure card is an informational card that goes inside your wedding invitation. Your enclosure card should give your guests all of the additional information they may need before attending your ceremony. An enclosure card could detail dress code, details about your wedding venue, or important information regarding your hotel rooms or other accommodations. Let’s find out from wedding experts and top BBQ catering in Baltimore, The Smokehouse Grill, which details you need to include in your enclosure card.

What are the Different Types of Enclosure Cards You Can Choose From?

Depending on your wedding plans, you will need to prioritize certain information for your enclosure cards

RSVP card at wedding ceremony

When it comes to writing enclosure cards, there are a lot more options than you may expect. To get started, create a list of the most important things you want your guests to know before they arrive. After you’ve determined which details are a priority, you can start narrowing down which kind of enclosure card you should include. Here are 5 examples of types of enclosure cards you can use:

  • RSVP Card -  Prompts your guests to RSVP and details meal options.
  • Reception Card - Details the time and address of your reception venue. For example you could write: “Join us for the best BBQ catering in Baltimore at the Smokehouse Grill at 6pm.”
  • Accommodation Card - Provides details regarding hotel blocks and reservations.
  • Transportation Card - Directs your guests toward shuttles or any other transportation you’ll be using during the big day.
  • Dress Code Card - Gives your guests an idea of your dress code.

Now that we know a bit more about the most popular types of wedding enclosure cards, let’s look into some more tips and examples of how to use them properly. 

What are the Most Important Details You Should Include on Your Wedding Enclosure Card?

If you’re wedding is using BBQ catering in Baltimore, you’ll want to include a dietary restrictions section for your enclosure card

happy couple toasting in front of family and friends at wedding reception

Now that we’ve done a brief overview of the different types of wedding enclosure cards, let’s get into the specifics of how you can get your guests all the information they need to attend.

RSVP Information

The most important thing to include in your enclosure card — especially if you are planning on having a large wedding — is the RSVP information. Your RSVP information will typically include a suggested response deadline, an accept or decline option, space to write in the name of your plus one, and the different dinner options for the reception. This is also a good place to let your guests notify you of any dietary restrictions. That way you can relay the information to your BBQ catering in Baltimore and they can create some allergen-free menu items.

Reception Details

For a lot of weddings, the reception takes place at a different location than the ceremony. Because of this, some couples include enclosure cards that provide details specifically about the reception. You can always try to get all of the details on the invitation itself, but that is often an overwhelming amount of text. The most important reception details you should include in your enclosure card are time, location, and transportation or parking options. 


Very often family members and loved ones who travel from out of town will have to stay in a hotel to attend your wedding. Or, you might have your wedding party staying in a hotel the night before for the rehearsal dinner. For these invitations, you should include information about the hotel accommodations that will be available for your wedding. You can offer your guests a room in your wedding block or recommend some hotels that are close to your venue. Since booking the right hotel for the right price can get stressful, it is always best to give your guests a bit of guidance. 


Much like your reception details, your transportation details are important so that your guests know where they’re going once they’ve arrived. The last thing you want is for someone to get left behind after the shuttle stopped running! To avoid this, simply list the times, pick-up location, and type of transportation you’ll be using so everyone is on the same page.

Dress Code

Another important piece of information your guests should know about is your dress code. Nowadays, formal wedding attire is not necessarily expected at every ceremony. More often you see guests dressing in theme for the wedding, or keeping it casual for outdoor ceremonies. No matter whether you’re keeping it traditional or casual, you want to make sure that your guests know what to wear.

If you are looking for BBQ catering in Baltimore to help take your wedding reception to the next level, look no further than The Smokehouse Grill. We’ll help you customize your venue for your guests and help you design your perfect menu and reception. Contact The Smokehouse Grill today and we’ll help you turn your dream wedding into a reality.

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