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December 18, 2020

Ways to Take a Tented Wedding Design to the Next Level

Planning a Tented Wedding? Here’s how to make Waterfront Wedding Venues in Maryland Stand Out

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Tented weddings are gaining popularity across Maryland. Tents are truly like a blank slate, so no two tented weddings will ever be the same. You can take the opportunity to transform any waterfront wedding venues in Maryland to completely personalize it. Here are our tips on how to  take tented wedding design to the next level. 

Find the Right Waterfront Wedding Venues in Maryland

Herrington On the Bay venue. photo via

There are so many waterfront wedding venues in Maryland that it may seem hard to choose just one. All venues have something to offer, and you’ll have to decide which one would best suit you on your wedding day. Here are our favorite waterfront wedding venues in Maryland

Matapeake Beach

tented wedding decor at Matapeake Beach. photo via

Beautifully located on the Chesapeake Bay, take in beautiful views of the water and stunning, romantic sunsets at Matapeake Beach. This old terminal ferry house was restored to its former glory in 2009 and has been a top pick for wedding venues since. The venue itself becomes your own private mansion with private beach access. You can host your tented wedding on the beach or on the grass next to the ferry house. The Bridal Room and the Bourbon Room are the perfect spots for your wedding party to get ready on the day of your wedding. 

Herrington Harbor Marina

Couple sitting at table and kissing photo via

The wedding venues at Herrington Harbor Marina are the perfect option if you’re looking for a beautiful waterfront venue which can accommodate a tented wedding. The Paradise Ballroom is a state of the art tent which can host up to 350 people. Sophisticated, yet still fun, this venue offers up tulle and ribbon tent liner, fairy lights, and a crystal chandelier. While the service is spectacular, the views are even better. This venue is tucked away on the Chesapeake Bay, lending itself as a private oasis to you and your guests. 

Maria’s Love Point B&B

Guests at Maria's Love Point B&B photo via

The staff at Maria’s Love Point B&B understand each and every couple want a unique and memorable experience on their wedding day. Their event designers come with a wealth of knowledge to help you plan out a truly spectacular day. Maria’s Love Point overlooks the Chesapeake Bay and the Chester River, making this venue one of the best waterfront wedding venues in Maryland. The venue can accommodate up to 275 guests, but offer full-service planning to help you plan out your dream day, no matter how small or large you’re planning. 

Taking Your Tented Wedding Venue to the Next Level

wedding table setting

After you’ve picked your wedding venue, it’s time to start planning the decor. No matter your style, these tips are sure to help you take your tented wedding to the next level. 

Beautify your Tent Entrance

Entrance of a tented wedding. Photo via

The entrance of your tent will be the first sight your guests will see. Taking a bit of time to plan out what the entrance will look like on your wedding day will be sure to leave a wonderful first impression on your wedding guests. It may even be the perfect backdrop for your photos. You can design your entrance out to be grandiose or simple, depending on your style. Try lighting the way, or making a clear path to the entrance of your tent. Drape curtains or add greenery to take your entrance to the next level. Making a beautiful entrance can spice up any waterfront wedding venues in Maryland you may be looking for. 

Optimize Your Layout Options

tented wedding layout photo via

Depending on your venue, you may be able to choose what type of layout you want for your tent wedding. Here are some things to consider when planning out your layout.

  • Decide where you want your bar, your DJ or band, and your dancefloor. These will likely take up a lot of space within your venue, so it’s best to plan out the logistics of these first. You may even decide that you don’t want a traditional dance floor or you want to go for a smaller option. 
  • Think about spacing and capacity. Consider the spacing between tables and how much space you’ll want to leave between seats. You may want to create a seating chart to see how many tables you’ll need and how to configure them so that everyone is comfortable. 
  • Consider all necessary spaces you may need. Depending on what you want at your wedding, you’ll need to plan out space for things like favor tables, gift tables, dessert tables, heaters or air conditioners. Make a list of everything you think you may need and make sure you plan for enough space to accommodate everything. And don’t forget to consider the poles in the tent. 
  • Once you map everything out, shift everything into another layout. Play with the layout idea until you find something that works for the shape of your tent and the guests you plan on having. 

Drape Ceilings with Fabric

Draping your tent ceilings with fabric may seem like a daunting task, but at the end it will take your waterfront wedding venues in Maryland to the next level. One of the most common ways to drape fabric is through a hula hoop that’s cut open. Sew your fabric at the end to ensure it stays on the hula hoop and pull your hula hoop through the fabric. Once all of your fabric is on the hula hoop, close the hula hoop back up and arrange your fabric. Tie your hula hoop to the frame of the tent, stretch the fabric out and tie the fabric to the frame of the tent as well. 

Disguise the Tent Poles

a tented wedding ceremony. photo via

Tent poles are one aspect of a tented wedding that people don’t necessarily love. The solution to that is to disguise the tent poles. Take fabric that matches your wedding style and drape it around the pole. Add in flowers around the fabric for extra beauty. 

Select a menu to “wow” your guests at Waterfront Wedding Venues in Maryland

wedding guests eating Smokehouse Grill appetizers.

Planning out food options for your guests is a huge part of the wedding planning process. You’ll not only want to find something that you like but also something your guests will enjoy. Depending on your style, you may want to opt for more traditional food, or spice things up and opt for barbeque options. Here are some of the top menu options for wedding packages. 

Incredible Barbeque Options

menu option from The Smokehouse Grill's BBQ Packages

The Smokehouse Grill has wonderful BBQ packages that are sure to impress any guest. With pre-set packages, you can choose from so many options from the Smokehouse Pit Beef to jerk chicken. Choose from a plethora of options when it comes to cold or hot BBQ sides. The Smokehouse Grill offers drop-off services or two-hour unlimited staff-served stations when the food is cooked on-site. Barbeque options are perfect for any waterfront wedding venues in Maryland you may choose. 

Upscale, Non-Barbeque Options

Smokehouse Grill's Filet Mignon

If barbeque isn’t quite your style, choose from four preset packages for upscale dining. Choose from entrees like our Chicken Chesapeake, Smokehouse Prime Rib, or filet mignon with appetizers like bourbon glazed meatballs, jumbo shrimp cocktail, or a charcuterie board. All of your guests will leave your wedding happy and full. 

When it comes time to plan out your wedding at any waterfront wedding venues in Maryland, make sure you take your design to the next level to impress your guests. Need to book a caterer? Contact us today to talk through our menu options.

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