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January 9, 2019

Tips for Planning the Picture Perfect Maryland Waterfront Private Estate Wedding

Tips for Planning the Picture Perfect Maryland Waterfront Private Estate Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, choosing a venue is always the first thing on your to-do list. You want something affordable that meets all your needs, but also gives you butterflies when you see it: the feeling that this location is absolutely perfect for your big day. Luckily, VRBO and AirBnB - private vacation rentals by owner - are becoming increasingly popular for wedding planners and vacationers alike. On the stunning Maryland waterfront, these private estates make for stunning, customizable wedding venues - and often come at a price you can afford. Here at Smokehouse Grill, we work hard to make sure you wedding is the event you’ve always dreamed of. That’s why we’ve found some beautiful private estates on the Maryland waterfront and have laid out a quick guide of all the things you should consider for the estate wedding of your dreams.

Benefits of Hosting a Private Estate Wedding

Endless Charm and the Customizability of a Home Away From Home

When planning a private estate wedding, you have a plethora of options and opportunities that other venues do not present. With a new level of customizability for you experience and all the comforts of home, we think a private estate wedding is a great choice for every couple. Here’s a few huge benefits of a private estate wedding:

  • Privacy: Private estate weddings are exactly that -- private! At hotels, for instance, you have the hotel staff and security present at all parts of your planning and during the big day. Additionally, there are other guests wandering in and out of the venue throughout the day. If you crave a little more privacy from the outside world, a private estate wedding is perfect for you.
  • Amenities of a home: One of the greatest perks of an estate wedding is having all of the amenities of a home at your fingertips. This means all of your ‘getting ready’ photos will be taken in the beautiful home of your choice, you’ll have a full kitchen, (likely) multiple bathrooms, and plenty of space to move around. Wardrobe malfunctions can be handled on-site with ease, and if you need a second to step aside for some privacy, you have plenty of private, cozy areas to do so.
  • Length of stay: Instead of feeling rushed in and out of your venue, having a private estate wedding gives you the opportunity to stay for several days. This means you can extend the length of your celebration a little longer, bring the wedding party in a day early, host the rehearsal dinner on-site, and make your day-of planning a little easier.
  • Ability to choose caterer: A problem that many couples encounter when choosing venues like country clubs or hotels: they aren’t able to choose a caterer. Private estate weddings give you full customizability of decorations, schedules, and your caterer. Smokehouse Grill is the perfect wedding caterer for your estate wedding. On top of supplying an extensive variety of delicious food and drink, they handle full service wedding planning. From tents, rentals, decorations, and more, Smokehouse Grill will make sure your wedding day goes over without a flaw.

Things to Keep in Mind for Your Private Estate Wedding

Advice from the Experts of Weddings Planning & Catering

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Although hosting a private estate wedding has its perks, there’s a few things you should consider before making your decision.

  • Bathrooms: A problem many couples looking to host a private estate wedding encounter is whether or not there are enough bathrooms to accomodate all of your guests. There’s not hard and fast rule for the number of bathrooms you should have, but for larger weddings it may be worth considering bathroom trailers or another alternative.
  • Power: With lights, DJs, and more, you should make sure the estate is equipped to handle the power output. Coordinating with your caterer, DJ, and other staff about needing a backup generator could be vital in making sure your big day goes over smoothly.
  • Parking: Does the venue have space to accommodate to the parking needs of your guests? If not, consider alternatives: nearby lots, valet services, or shuttles from nearby hotels.
  • Liability: Be sure to check up on your liability for accidents on the property. When serving alcohol, make sure you have a licensed caterer to assume alcohol related liability. Depending on the location, additional social host liability insurance may need to be purchased.
  • Nearby Lodging: If your wedding is far from home for many of your guests, it’s imperative to consider the availability of nearby hotels. Additionally, to ensure the safety of your guests after drinking, look for hotels that have shuttle services to care for intoxicated drivers.

Private Estate Wedding Venues You’ll Love

‘Breathtaking Waterfront Estate’ in Neavitt

Front lawn is perfect for croquet and a Pimms cocktail!

Located on 7.5 acres of dreamy green space on the waterfront, this six bedroom, 4.5 bathroom estate sleeps 14 and is truly made for the perfect private estate wedding. Featuring breathtaking waterfront and sunset views, a stunning newly-renovated interior, and plenty of Maryland charm, this estate is ready to be customized to host the wedding of your dreams.

‘Waterside with it All!’ in Bay Ridge

waterside wedding

This six bedroom, five bathroom home sleeps 14 and features a large kitchen, pool, and a private dock. The spacious master bedroom is the perfect dressing room for the bride, feature a luxurious master bedroom and a variety of other amenities. The backyard features a large stretch of grass that can easily be switched from ceremony to reception space, all surrounded by lovely greenery and waterfront views.

‘Cape Cod Style House’ Near St. Michaels

cape cod home

This 4 bedroom, two bath home sleeps ten and has plenty of outdoor living space for the perfect outdoor wedding. Newly renovated and featuring a private dock, the home is beautiful inside and out and has plenty of space for your laid back but beautiful event. Right next door is an additional property for rent with a pool if you’re looking for more space to spread out, but with plenty of charm and outdoor amenities, we give this property an A+.

Here at Smokehouse Grill, we are dedicated to helping you execute the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. As the premiere wedding caterers in the Stevensville area, we provide not only delicious food and drink to couples in the Maryland area, but can take care of a variety of your wedding planning needs. Get in touch with us and learn how we can make your dreams of a private estate wedding a reality.

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