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September 1, 2023

The top southern Maryland wedding venues

From vineyards to waterside venues, we’ve compiled some of the best wedding venues the southern Maryland has to offer.

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Are you looking to stay closer to home with a wedding venue in southern Maryland? From vineyards to waterside venues, we’ve compiled some of the best wedding venues the south has to offer. We recommend checking each venue's availability and pricing before making any final decisions. Make sure to let them know you’d like to cater with The Smokehouse Grill!

Kylan Barn - Delmar, Maryland 

A beautiful 35 acres of farmland surrounded by woodlands  

Patio Ceremony

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Eastern Shore, Kylan Barn stands as a charming wedding venue that effortlessly blends rustic elegance with natural beauty. A cherished gem of Delmar, this idyllic setting provides couples with a remarkable backdrop for their special day, ensuring unforgettable memories in every corner. Weathered wooden beams, enchanting chandeliers, and lofty ceilings infuse the space with an authentic, rustic allure, while large windows bathe the interiors in an abundance of natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Woods Ceremony

The heart and soul ofthe venue lies within its meticulously restored 19th-century barn, which serves as the centerpiece. Weathered wooden beams, enchanting chandeliers, and lofty ceilings infuse the space with an authentic, rustic allure, while large windows bathe the interiors in an abundance of natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. They also give you the option of having your ceremony in the nearby woods, surrounded by lush greenery and open skies. Make sure to let them know you’d like to cater with The Smokehouse Grill!

Address: 30603 Dusty Lane, Delmar, MD 

Phone Number: (410) 251-5914 




Here are two public reviews

“Kylan barn was the perfect venue for our wedding. The venue is nothing short of breath-taking and the service was outstanding. The staff at Kylan helped us with all of our needs and made any accommodations we requested!” - Cody, WeddingWire

“Kylan Barn is the most beautiful venue that helped make our dream come true. They were responsive and worked with us to meet our needs. I cannot recommend this venue enough.” - Erica, WeddingWire 

Cherry Hill Ballroom - College Park, Maryland

An elegant ballroom with decorations included 

Cherry Hill Ballroom

Cherry Hill Ballroom, located in College Park, Maryland, is a stunning wedding venue that offers a perfect blend of elegance and charm. With its spacious ballroom and exquisite decor, it has become a popular choice for couples seeking a memorable wedding experience. The ballroom features high ceilings, sparkling chandeliers, and beautiful drapery, creating an ambiance of sophistication and grandeur.

Cherry Hill Ballroom

Cherry Hill Ballroom takes pride in providing exceptional event planning services. Their experienced team of wedding planners works closely with couples to bring their vision to life, ensuring that every detail is meticulously executed. From coordinating vendors and designing the layout to handling logistics, their dedicated staff helps alleviate the stress of wedding planning. 

Address: 9832 Cherry Hill Rd., College Park, MD 20740 

Phone Number: (301) 879-0409




Here are two public reviews

“The place is gorgeous and the experience was so amazing. My friends and family had a really really great time. Thank you so much for making my wedding dream come true.” - Stephany, WeddingWire

“We were married in February 2022 and I cannot recommend this venue enough! Linda Gurevich has a gifted team and an eye for details that made our day so special. With enough seating, beautiful linens and lighting to fit our "jewel tone" wedding, great centerpieces, and the ability to provide our own libations, we enjoyed dancing all night long!” - Alyssa, WeddingWire 

Glenview Mansion - Rockville, Maryland 

Stunning mansion with sprawling gardens

Mansion exterior

Glenview Mansion, nestled in the heart of Rockville, Maryland, is a historic mansion that serves as a picturesque wedding venue. With its stunning architecture, beautiful gardens, and rich history, the mansion offers couples a romantic and elegant setting for their special day. The mansion's rich history adds an element of grandeur and sophistication to any wedding celebration.

Glorious setting

One of the standout features of the venue is its meticulously maintained gardens. The expansive grounds surrounding the mansion offer a stunning setting for outdoor wedding ceremonies, cocktail receptions, or romantic photo sessions. The lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and serene atmosphere create a romantic and tranquil ambiance for couples and their guests. The mansion's timeless beauty and natural landscapes serve as a perfect backdrop for couples to create lasting memories.

Address: 603 Edmonston Dr., Rockville, MD 20851

Phone Number: (240) 314-8660




Here are two public reviews

“The venue was beautiful and the staff was very helpful and responsive when we had questions.” - Angelina, WeddingWire

“Glenview Mansion was the first venue we immediately said yes to. It is a gem in the middle of Rockville that makes for a beautiful experience like a wedding. All of our guests complimented us on the venue. There is plenty of space for different activities like a bouncy house, and a lot of green spacewalks for people to enjoy. The inside of the house was great because it gave us space to enjoy and relax as well as beautiful art space for people to look at. The overall dining and dance floor space were perfect for the flow of our wedding and the aesthetic of a classy and elegant style. Overall A+” - Denisse, WeddingWire 

Leonardtown Wharf Park - Leonardtown, Maryland  

Beautiful park with breathtaking water views 

Leonardtown Wharf Park, located in Leonardtown, Maryland, is a scenic waterfront park and a charming destination for weddings. The park is situated along Breton Bay, offering breathtaking waterfront views. The sparkling water, green spaces, and swaying trees provide a tranquil ambiance, setting the stage for an unforgettable wedding experience.

With its waterfront location and picturesque landscapes, the park provides a myriad of stunning backdrops for wedding photographs. From romantic sunset shots by the water's edge to candid moments amidst the park's natural beauty, couples and their photographers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to capturing memorable images of their special day.

Address: 22510 Washington St., Leonardtown, MD 20650 

Phone Number: (301) 475-9791



Here are two public reviews

“One of my really close friends got married here. Cutest wedding I had ever been to. The adorable park in this cute little town just made it that much better!” -Sydney, Google Reviews 

“Always loved this place. Good place for wedding pictures, a good place for military pictures and a good place for a nice walk with your boyfriend or husband. Definately would come here everyday if I could.” - Maddie, Google Reviews 

Two Lions Vineyards – Upper Marlboro, Maryland 

Lush vineyards in the southern countryside 

Two Lions Vineyards - Maryland Wineries Association

Two Lions Vineyards, located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, is a charming and picturesque wedding venue nestled in the heart of wine country. The venue combines rustic charm with elegant touches, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. The barn-style reception space, with its exposed wooden beams and warm lighting, exudes a cozy and intimate ambiance. The rustic aesthetic complements various wedding styles, from vintage and country chic to bohemian and romantic themes.

Barrel room

The vineyardis situated amidst lush vineyards, creating a beautiful and idyllic backdrop for weddings. The rows of vines and scenic views provide a rustic and romantic ambiance, making it a perfect setting for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. The natural beauty of the vineyard offers countless photo opportunities, capturing memorable moments against the backdrop of the vines and the serene countryside.

Address: 12600 Croom Road, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Phone Number: (312) 480-0046




Here are two public reviews

“The owners of Two Lions were extremely helpful in assisting me with planning my event! They were flexible, kept a clear line of communication with us, and extremely thorough and helpful when it came to hiring other vendors to help our day run smoothly! Plus, the venue was absolutely gorgeous. My fiance and I will definitely be returning!” - Domonique, WeddingWire

“Callie and Brad are amazing to work with! The brand new venue is absolutely stunning; from the barrel room, outdoor patio overlooking the vines to the large beautifully decorated reception room. The perfect place for a wedding or special event.” - Sarah, WeddingWire

Calvert Marine Museum - Solomons, Maryland

Maritime museum with a historic lighthouse 

Calvert Marine Museum |

The Calvert Marine Museum, located in Solomons, Maryland, is a unique and educational wedding venue that showcases the rich maritime heritage of the Chesapeake Bay. Situated on the banks of the Patuxent River, the museum offers a captivating setting for couples seeking a distinctive and memorable wedding experience. The panoramic views of the Patuxent River and its surrounding natural beauty create a serene and picturesque setting. Couples have the opportunity to exchange vows against the backdrop of glistening waters, making for unforgettable wedding ceremonies.

Calvert Marine Museum

The museum's focus on maritime history and marine life adds a unique element to weddings hosted at the venue. Couples and their guests can explore exhibits showcasing the area's maritime heritage, including displays of fossils, artifacts, and interactive exhibits. This offers a distinctive experience for wedding guests, providing entertainment and education while celebrating the couple's special day.

Address: 14200 Solomons Island Rd. S, Solomons, MD 20688

Phone Number: (410) 474-5370 




Here are two public reviews

“The Calvert Marine Museum is a great place to have a wedding reception! The Museum recently began hosting events in the renovated Harms Gallery, which opens up into the reception area to create a unique venue in Solomons Island. The Facility and Events Coordinator and Museum staff were wonderful to work with, and helped everything run smoothly. Our out-of-town guests enjoyed being able to wander through the Museum and learn some local history.” - M, WeddingWire

“The staff of Calvert Marine Museum were fantastic and friendly! Megan helped us to plan our wedding ceremony and reception at the cove point lighthouse. We have gotten so many compliments on our venue! The property was beautiful and laid out perfectly for a combined ceremony and reception location. We also had our entire wedding party stay with us in the keepers cottage and it was so wonderful! The house was spacious and comfortable and we all had a great time. The lighthouse is a photographer's dream. Get married here and you won't regret it!” - Nicole, WeddingWire 

Flora Corner Farm - Mechanicsville, Maryland 

Adorable farm with an intimate garden

The main barn

Flora Corner Farm, located in Mechanicsville, Maryland, is a charming and rustic wedding venue surrounded by scenic countryside. The venue features a beautiful barn, open fields, and lush greenery, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The rustic charm of the farm provides a perfect backdrop for couples seeking a country-style wedding with a touch of elegance. The barn offers a versatile indoor space for receptions, complete with exposed wooden beams, string lights, and ample space for dining and dancing. 


The farm's picturesque surroundings offer several scenic backdrops for wedding photography. From rolling fields and charming gardens to rustic barn doors and vintage farm equipment, Flora Corner Farm provides a plethora of photo opportunities to capture beautiful memories of your special day. The farm typically hosts one event per day, ensuring that the attention is solely focused on your wedding. 

Address: 28385 Flora Corner Rd., Mechanicsville, MD 20659

Phone Number: (301) 848-3248




Here are two public reviews

“The ladies at Flora Corner Farm made our wedding so special and not stressful at all. They were super helpful and do a lot for you to make your day amazing! I worked with Heather and Diane. Heather was super helpful and answered all my questions (trust me, there were a lot!). She also eased all my concerns and stress. Diane is super sweet and designed all the signs and they were BEAUTIFUL! The venue is so beautiful and our guests couldn't stop raving about it. Someone said the venue was from a Hallmark movie, haha. It's an intimate and very romantic venue. I 100% recommend!!!” - Cheryl, WeddingWire

“Flora Corner is absolutely beautiful! Diane and Harold are super nice and wonderful.” - Ashley, WeddingWire 

Mary’s Hope on Church Cove - St. Inigoes, Maryland

Lovely grounds on the banks of Church Cove just off of St. Inigoes Creek


Mary's Hope on Church Cove, located in St. Inigoes, Maryland, is a historic waterfront estate and an enchanting wedding venue. Surrounded by the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay, the venue offers a serene and elegant setting for couples looking to exchange their vows. The expansive grounds provide a picturesque backdrop for outdoor wedding ceremonies, allowing couples to say their vows with the bay as their backdrop. The serene waters and gentle breezes create a serene atmosphere, making it a captivating setting for couples and their guests.

Mary's Hope on Church Cove 2

The venue is a historic estate that dates back to the 17th century, adding a touch of timeless charm to weddings hosted at the venue. The estate's historic architecture, including the main house and surrounding buildings, exudes elegance and character, creating a unique and romantic atmosphere for celebrations. From manicured lawns to blooming flower beds, the gardens offer a stunning backdrop for creating lasting memories.

Address: 18050 Church Cove Lane, St. Inigoes, MD 20684 

Phone Number: (301) 686-8502




Here are two public reviews

“I wish I could give this venue 6/5 stars!! Our day went amazing thanks to Michelle and her awesome staff! Our pictures turned out beautiful, the house is so cute, and our guests could not stop commenting on how much they loved the venue. Michelle was a savior prior to the wedding, providing us with so much advice, taking care of contacting the vendors, etc. I could not recommend this venue enough!!! It is AMAZING!!!” - Mikayla, WeddingWire 

“This venue was amazing! I worked with Michelle who was awesome and answered all of my questions without hesitation. She was detailed and the wedding went seemingly. She created the schedule of events based on what we wanted and kept everything on time. I highly recommend this venue and the setting makes for gorgeous photos!” - Misty, WeddingWire 

No matter where your wedding is located, it deserves top quality catering services. The Smokehouse Grill offers several menus to compliment your vision of the perfect wedding day!

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