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January 25, 2024

The Best Wedding DJs Near Annapolis, Maryland

Looking for a DJ to make your wedding the party of the year? Here are some of the best entertainment companies based in MD!

The Best Wedding DJs Near Annapolis, Maryland

Steve Moody’s Entertainment Connection - Ridgely, MD

Image courtesy of WeddingWire.

Steve Moody’s Entertainment Connection takes pride in being more than just a DJ service – they are curators of unforgettable moments, creating a musical experience that enhances the essence of your event. Led by a team of seasoned professionals, they’re committed to delivering a mobile DJ experience that exceeds expectations.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire.

Their services go beyond playing music; they engage the audience. With interactive elements like crowd requests, dedications, and dance-floor energizers, they create an immersive experience that keeps the excitement alive and leaves a lasting impression. Their versatility ensures that everyone, from guests to hosts, finds their groove on the dance floor. They also offer photobooth services to ensure you and your guests have a night they won’t forget for years to come!

Website: https://stevemoody.com/  

Email: https://stevemoody.com/contact-us/ 

Phone Number: (800) 410-3010

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SteveMoodysEntertainmentConnection  

Here are two public reviews:

“Steve was very responsive to all of our questions and helped make our special day perfect. We had the best night, the questioner we answered helped give Steve an idea of what music we liked, and he kept the great music coming.” - Catherine, WeddingWire

“I can't say enough about how pleased we were with Steve! He totally understood the vibe we wanted to create and played exactly the music we wanted. He is very organized, easy to communicate with, responsive to calls and emails, and is an extremely nice person. Our guests danced to every song he played and no one left early. Everyone said it was one of the best weddings they have attended.” - Lisa, WeddingWire

Crow Entertainment, LLC - Huntingtown, MD

Image courtesy of WeddingWire.

Recognizing that every event has its own vibe, Crow Entertainment works closely with clients to tailor the musical journey. From elegant and sophisticated tunes for upscale events to high-energy mixes for dance parties, they craft a playlist that aligns perfectly with the mood and theme of the occasion.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire.

Known for their professionalism, the team is punctual, reliable, and committed to exceeding expectations. They seamlessly manage the technical aspects, allowing clients to focus on enjoying the event without worrying about the music. Crow Entertainment also offers live music selections for the ceremony and reception photo booth opportunities to make your wedding stand out. They also won the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award for the past five consecutive years!

Website: https://www.crowentertainment.com/ 

Email: info@crowentertainment.com 

Phone Number: (443) 968-8975

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crowentertainment/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrowEntertainment/ 

Here are two public reviews:

“Crow Entertainment was literally the life of the party for our August 2016 wedding. We had a great feeling about Crow from the moment we met them. Planning the wedding from afar we were so happy with the responsiveness of Brian and his team. Thank you for making our August 2016 - USNA/Governor Calvert House Wedding so memorable. Our guests continue to say what a great DJ/MC Crow Entertainment was as well as the uplighting they provided was great! Also they provided a military discount which was very gracious of them.” - Chelsea, WeddingWire

“Mike was awesome. He was very understanding of our requests and worked with us to make sure our wedding was perfect. He definitely turned the night into a party!” - Dillon, WeddingWire

Toussaint Productions - Odenton, MD

Image courtesy of WeddingWire.

Toussaint Productions specializes in crafting unforgettable wedding experiences, bringing a professional touch to every celebration. With a team of experienced DJs, they understand the significance of your special day and are dedicated to creating a magical atmosphere for both you and your guests. They expertly curate playlists that capture the essence of your unique style and preferences, ensuring a seamless transition from the romantic ambiance of the ceremony to the lively beats on the dance floor.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire.

They spare no expense in providing top-of-the-line audio and lighting equipment., as their state-of-the-art sound systems and dynamic lighting setups add a touch of sophistication to the venue, transforming it into a captivating space that complements the joyous occasion. Their commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail set them apart, guaranteeing that the musical ambiance of your wedding reflects the love and commitment shared by the couple.

Website: https://www.toussaintproductions.com/ 

Email: alexander.yuille@comcast.net

Phone Number: (443) 837-7920

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/toussaintproductions/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toussaintproductions 

Here are two public reviews:

“Working with Toussaint Productions was a breeze. They worked with our budget and DJ Frankie Nice was so charismatic and professional. Our wedding was amazing and the music was on point through the whole evening. We’d book with DJ Frankie Nice again!” - Veronica, WeddingWire

“If you need a wedding DJ - LOOK NO FURTHER! Alex is AMAZING!! It was extremely important to us to have a fun dance floor and he absolutely delivered. He read the room so well and the dance party was the best I have ever been a part of. Easily the best money we spent at our wedding!” - Samantha, WeddingWire

Shiny Entertainment - Fallston, MD

Image courtesy of Shiny Entertainment’s Instagram.

Transform your wedding into a rhythm-filled celebration with Shiny Entertainment, your premier wedding DJ provider. From timeless love ballads to the latest dance hits, Shiny Entertainment delivers a diverse and vibrant musical experience, ensuring every moment resonates with the essence of the love story.

Image courtesy of Shiny Entertainment’s Instagram.

Their DJs master the art of the wedding flow. They orchestrate seamless transitions from the ceremony to the reception, creating a harmonious atmosphere throughout. From the grand entrance to the final dance, Shiny Entertainment ensures the soundtrack of the day is executed with precision. Choose them for a wedding DJ experience that transcends the ordinary. 

Website: https://www.shinyentertainment.net/ 

Email: shinyentertainment@gmail.com 

Phone Number: (443) 377-3587

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shiny_entertainment/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShinyEntertainmentLLC 

Here are two public reviews:

“Shiny Entertainment was fantastic!!! They were very accommodating about music choices and selections. They showed up on time, got everyone set up and kept the party going all throughout the reception. They have a great selection of options to fit weddings of all sizes and budgets. We opted for the music and lights package, which was perfect for our 80 person wedding in a very intimate venue. I highly recommend this DJ service, they will not disappoint you.” - Michael, WeddingWire

“Shiny entertainment was so easy to work with, and gave us amazing service. We had an amazing consultation call with our DJ, who played the perfect music to keep the dance floor going all night long! We always had a contact person available, and they were really flexible with adjusting our contract to add a photo booth somewhat at the last minute. I definitely recommend shiny entertainment for all of your wedding needs!” - Dorothy, WeddingWire

Dance Masters Entertainment - Baltimore, MD

Image courtesy of WeddingWire.

Dance Masters Entertainment is your go-to wedding DJ company, dedicated to orchestrating the perfect musical backdrop for your special day. With a team of seasoned DJs and MCs, they bring a wealth of experience and a passion for creating memorable moments through the power of music.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire.

Recognizing that every couple is distinct, the company collaborates closely with clients to understand their musical preferences, cultural influences, and desired atmosphere. The result is a personalized soundtrack that enhances the emotional tapestry of your wedding, from the ceremony to the dance floor. Their versatility also ensures that the music aligns seamlessly with the different moments of your wedding, creating a harmonious and festive atmosphere.

Website: https://www.dmdeejays.com/ 

Email: don@dmdeejays.com

Phone Number: (410) 661-5355

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dancemasters.ent 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dmdeejays 

Here are two public reviews:

“You need to get Sue and Don to DJ your wedding! They were the best. Sue choreographed a beautiful first dance for my husband and Don kept the party going with the amazing music. I would recommend them to anyone getting married!” - Marisa, WeddingWire

“They DJ'd my sister's wedding and were wonderful. I got to speak to Sue a bit and she was extremely kind and had such a fun personality. She kept everyone involved and on the dance floor the whole night!” - Lisa, WeddingWire

DJ Orlando Entertainment - Parkville, MD

Image courtesy of WeddingWire.

DJ Orlando Entertainment is your premier destination for exceptional musical experiences that transcend the ordinary. From the subtle ambiance of a cocktail hour to the pulsating beats of the dance floor, they curate a seamless musical journey that enhances the atmosphere and energy of your event.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire.

Known for their professionalism and infectious energy, they bring a positive and vibrant presence to every event. Let them set the stage, infusing it with energy, excitement, and a soundtrack that will linger in the memories of your guests.

Website: https://www.djorlandoentertainment.com/ 

Email: info@djOrlandoEntertainment.com

Phone Number: (410) 733-9943

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063576400206 

Here are two public reviews:

“Our wedding DJ, David, was amazing!! We had such a fun night and he played everything we asked for. We spoke to him beforehand and went over all the details. Everything was perfect!” - Danielle, WeddingWire

“DJ Orlando did a phenomenal job with our wedding! He showed up on time, was very professional , and very organized. He really brought the life to our party! I would highly recommend him to anyone.” - TJ, WeddingWire

Absolute Entertainment - Hanover, MD

Image courtesy of WeddingWire.

Absolute Entertainment stands as the epitome of unparalleled musical experiences, committed to making your event an unforgettable celebration. Every event is unique, and they understand the importance of customization. They work closely with clients to curate playlists that reflect individual tastes and preferences, ensuring that the music enhances the ambiance and elegance of the occasion.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire.

They’re known for reliability and professionalism, making sure everything runs smoothly from setup to the final note. They also offer videography and photography services, if you’re still looking for those! Choose Absolute Entertainment for a musical experience that transcends expectations.

Website: https://www.absoluteentertainment.com/ 

Email: contactus@absoluteentertainment.com 

Phone Number: (410) 761-1212

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/absolute_entertainment 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AbsoluteFanPage 

Here are two public reviews:

“Absolute Entertainment did a great job with making our wedding day perfect! Ken was very helpful during our meetings while we were planning and guided us in picking the perfect music. One of the biggest compliments we got at our wedding was that the music was great and everyone loved our song choices! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a DJ for their wedding.” - Kayla, WeddingWire

“Greg was awesome! We booked Absolute Entertainment because Greg did such a fantastic job at my sister's wedding so we knew we had to hire him for our wedding and boy did he deliver. Our guests loved his energy and song choices! He was able to pick up on our tastes even though we didn't suggest too many songs. He is a great host and entertainer from the wedding party entrances to the uplifting to the party songs; Greg can really do it all! We will be recommending him to all our engaged friends. Thank you for a magical night!” - Renee, WeddingWire

DJ Brandon Renninger - Baltimore, MD

Image courtesy of WeddingWire.

With an unwavering passion for music and a knack for reading the crowd, DJ Brandon Renninger is the architect of memorable experiences, ensuring every beat resonates with the heartbeat of your celebration. His profound understanding of music enables him to curate playlists that not only cater to diverse preferences but also create an enchanting atmosphere.

Image courtesy of WeddingWire.

This DJ believes in the power of engagement. With an interactive approach, he connects with the crowd, encouraging dance-floor participation, taking requests, and creating an atmosphere where every guest feels a part of the musical journey.

Website: https://djbrandon.com/ 

Email: Brandon@DJBrandon.com 

Phone Number: (410) 491-1630

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dj_brandonbaltimore/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DJBrandonBaltimore 

Here are two public reviews:

“We had a great experience with DJ Brandon! He was prompt in his response times and he listened to what we wanted and also offered other suggestions…a nice collaboration that resulted in a super fun wedding experience! Questionable weather was headed in the direction of our event, so DJ Brandon was able to QUICKLY move his equipment to a safer place. Never skipped a beat! I would definitely recommend DJ Brandon and plan to contact him if we need a DJ for a future event.” - Heather, WeddingWire

“DJ Brandon was amazing! We couldn’t have been happier. He went above and beyond to make everything perfect. He took the time to meet with us in person (his idea!) and really get to know us. He did a fantastic job of playing the songs we wanted but also reading the crowd and playing songs to keep the party going. For 2 people who don’t have a ton of thoughts on music, it was great to have a true profession like DJ Brandon. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone!” - Christine, WeddingWire

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