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July 4, 2018

The #1 Guide for Summer Corporate Cookouts

Plan successful corporate events with our insider secrets on the best grilling catering services, picnic pavilions, and cookout campsites.

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It’s company picnic time! Whether that excites you or stresses you out, get ready for a seamless season of corporate summer fun. Our fast and efficient guide sums up everything you need to know about planning a successful corporate cookout, event, or field day. We’ve compiled a variety of hidden gems in the Maryland, DC, and Delaware regions that will provide everything you are looking for. We even recommended our favorite BBQ catering service.

company picnic
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Read on for the best spots for company picnics, softball games, and overall summer fun. Here is your ultimate guide to the greatest summer activity venues. Your perfectly planned event awaits!

National Zoo


Looking for an outdoor event space that is far from average? The National Zoo in D.C. offers unique and exclusive celebrations for companies that fall in the category of unrestricted donators. The Zoo is happy to thank their donors through this special experience and one of their many event spaces. What’s more fun than hosting a company event at the zoo? Dine with the animals and take in the pretty sights that the country’s official zoo has to offer. In addition to creativity and spontaneity points, the accessibility is perfect if your company is located in the city, because your coworkers won’t have to go too far out of their normal commute to get here. Entertainment is included with access to the curious animals, and the event spaces are inclusive and family friendly. Food and dining for your corporate picnic are encouraged to be brought in from outside vendors. We mentioned one of our favorite grilling catering services, Smokehouse Grill, as a great option for your corporate summer cookout.

Boomerang Pirate Ship

group of ladies on a pirate ship
Image Source: Boomerang Pirate Ship

If you’re representing a company culture that is fun, exciting, and extremely out of the box, then it would be fitting that your summer corporate cookout is equally quirky and cool. One of the awesome options we’ve compiled for you is the Boomerang Pirate Ship. This interactive water cruise takes off from the Georgetown Waterfront, right on the periphery of the metro hub of D.C. Pick from a variety of cruise options, either family friendly, night time sail, sunset cruise, day party, or private event. Your coworkers are sure to get nautical with this themed adventure event for a truly unforgettable time. The ship comes complete with a full bar, so all aboard for all of your favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages! The fun keeps going with the affordability of these drinks, ranging from only $4-$8. If you have a hunch your shipmates will be hungry, the galley unfortunately lacks a kitchen on deck, but they welcome and encourage the use of your go-to caterer or bring your own food plates! Say “ahoy-matey” to this fun adventure and you’ll never want to go back to the office!

Carderock Picnic Pavilion

group roasting marshmallows by campfire
Image Source: Martha Stewart

Carderock Picnic Pavilion is our recommendation for a larger corporate summer cookout. Allowing up to 200 people, there are various amenities to support parties of great sizes. You can say yes to enough parking, picnic tables, grills, fireplaces, and greenery to look out upon. Alcohol is allowed, whether you and your guests prefer a BYOB atmosphere or take advantage of a full service bar from catering service. Catering from an outside grilling service is allowed and encouraged, and electrical outlets are available for personal use. Located in Bethesda, MD, all you need is a permit to rent out this beautiful space, which you can easily apply for from the following site:

Cabin John Regional Park

playing volleyball
Image Source: Welovevolleyball

Need to guarantee that your yearly office BBQ party is a hit? Montgomery Parks in Maryland is just north of the D.C. metro area and has something for everybody. There are a variety of fields, pavilions, picnic areas, cabins, and more for your ultimate summer cookout! For the sports lover, there is volleyball, football, soccer, horseshoes, tennis, ice skating (yes, in the summer), frisbees, softball, and plenty of open space to run around in. All of the equipment is provided for your companies enjoyment. For the nature lover, there is the Cabin John Regional Park, which includes beautiful up close views of nature, rollings hands, bridges, playground areas, walking trails, and an authentic totem pole. Most importantly, for the food lover, there are many suitable picnic pavilions for parties of any size, which include tables for eating and a large double grill that can be used by any grilling catering service you pick (see our go-to at the bottom of this article). Bonus points to the park for having clean restrooms, ample parking, and an electrical outlet for music or a slideshow!

Morris Park

softball group at morris park
Image Source: Senate Softball

We all know that some of the most fond memories with your coworkers outside of the office often revolve around drinks and food. Add sports into the mix, and you’ve suddenly got yourself the perfect summertime hangout for your office mates. Morris Park in Gaithersburg, MD, is large park with all of the facilities needed for a relaxing summer cookout with games and eats! There are numerous full-size courts and fields, including basketball, tennis, baseball, and even playground areas for children. Several picnic tables get to overlook the fun, complete with a standby grill that a grilling catering service can utilize. In addition to outdoor games, public restrooms are made available for guests to use as they please. Hit your corporate summer cookout event out of the park with this pick!

Smokehouse Grill

food being served
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Did we mention we have a favorite caterer? The best go-to grilling catering service in the D.C. area, The Smokehouse Grill satisfies, on both its efficiency at serving corporate events and the quality of its mouthwatering menus. This BBQ caterer offers a variety of food from roast pig to racks of ribs. For the summer time, we recommend their breakfast or lunch platters, because they offer a great mix of cold plates, hot plates, and express food packages. These affordable prices provide incomparable service, delicious foods, and a popular variety. One smart event planner utilized the services of The Smokehouse Grill and became the rave of all his coworkers.

“I have been getting compliments and praises all morning from people that were here last night. I will definitely reach out the next time I have an event like this and will recommend you”. -Brian Plyant

The Smokehouse Grill will serve at all corporate events, private events, weddings, special ceremonies, and more. They are happy to provide grilling catering services to venues in Maryland, D.C., and Delaware regions.

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