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July 7, 2021

Small, Medium, or Large — Which Wedding Size is Right for You?

Small, Medium, or Large — Which Wedding Size is Right for You?

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding, and finding the right venue for your day will set you up for success. You and your significant other will have to consider how many guests you would like to attend, what kind of catering you want, the theme, and much more. There are countless incredible wedding venues in Maryland to choose from for every wedding size. So whether you are having a quiet micro wedding with a few loved ones or a gigantic wedding with hundreds of guests, there is a perfect venue for you. Take a peek at the pros and cons of each wedding size and a few recommendations for wedding venues that fit each wedding size.

Looking for a Wedding Venue in Maryland? Find the Venue that’s the Perfect Size for Your Guest List

Large Weddings in the Maryland Area

outdoor wedding ceremony
Image courtesy of Kent Manor Inn.

Pros: If you are hoping for a major party at your wedding venue in Maryland, then a large wedding is the right choice for you. This size is excellent for couples with large families and social circles. In addition, it usually eases the stress on who to invite.

Cons: With an extensive guest list comes the stress on your wedding budget. Some consider leaving off a cocktail hour or having a brunch ceremony instead to cut down on the budget in other ways than the guest list. 


Medium-Sized Weddings in Maryland

indoor wedding reception room
Image courtesy of Riverdale Manor.

Pros: On average, a medium-sized wedding will include 60-150 guests. A medium-sized wedding is great for holding a rustic barn wedding or using a beautiful theater as a venue. It’s a good size if the bride and groom both have larger families. If you would like only to invite the ‘musts’ of your large families, the guest list could grow a little quicker than you think.

Cons: It can be challenging to cut down your wedding list if you both have large families, but inviting everyone is a high cost. If you lean towards 150 guests side of a medium-sized wedding, it could be costly with the dinner plates.


Small Weddings in Maryland

small wedding party during ceremony
Image courtesy of Gertrude’s Chesapeake Kitchen.

Pros: Even with a small wedding, which is usually around 50 people, the guest list can add up quickly. A small wedding can be incredibly intimate, and you’ll be able to spend quality time with every guest. With fewer guests, you’ll also be spending less on your food costs. 

Cons: The apparent con continues to be the dwindling amount of guests you will be able to invite. To combat this, you can celebrate with all of your friends and family that you could not invite to the actual wedding on a different date. 


Micro Weddings in Maryland

bride and groom sitting on a bench outside
Image courtesy of The Liriodendron Mansion.

Pros: If you or your significant other is not comfortable being in front of a crowd, a micro wedding is a great choice. Micro weddings are an emerging trend that has become popular because couples can prioritize their connection with guests. In addition, with an extremely small wedding party, you’ll have more freedom with your budget.

Cons: Unfortunately, you’ll have to make tough decisions with your guest list. Some couples have live-streamed their wedding so that their friends and family who are not there can still celebrate in real-time. 



bride and groom kissing
Image courtesy of Vignon Manor Farms.

Pros: With intimacy being a significant priority, you may choose to spend your special day only with your significant other. Many think of elopement weddings as destination weddings in other countries, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Many Maryland wedding venues will cater to your elopement-style wedding. You’ll be able to keep the marriage under a small budget and avoid the stress of a large wedding. Along with these pros, you won’t have to share your intimate vows with strangers, which can also be a plus. 

Cons: Some families can feel hurt that there was no one at your wedding, but you can explain that this is a day only for you and your significant other. Hire a photographer that you connect with so that your wedding photos express the love and beauty so your friends and family can experience the wedding vicariously through the pictures. 


Whatever wedding venue in Maryland you decide to choose, make sure that you are serving delicious food. The Smokehouse Grill offers packages that match your wedding size with options ranging from casual BBQ to upscale plated filet mignon and crab cakes. In addition to the barbeque foods cooked on location, The Smokehouse Grill also offers wedding planning, rentals, and full-service bar catering. So contact us to get started on planning the perfect wedding day.

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