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August 17, 2021

Rescheduled COVID Weddings: Tips for Rescheduling and Replanning

Tips for rescheduling your wedding, saving money on caterers in Maryland, and more.

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Numerous weddings have been postponed due to the coronavirus, and with events slowly opening back up, you may be ready to start rescheduling your special day. Whether you are looking to modify your wedding or have the day exactly as you planned, you deserve to have the wedding you always dreamed of having. If you are taking steps to replan your wedding, look at these tips to make the process a little easier. There is a potential that you may need to rearrange your venue or caterer in the Maryland area, but we’ve found the solutions.

Tips for Rescheduling Your COVID Wedding — Maryland Caterers, Venues, Safety, And More

Changed the Dates

changed the date mailer
Image courtesy of Bridal Guide.

It can be hectic to redesign all of your wedding decorations with a new date, but it’s important to keep your guests as informed as possible regarding the new date. Sending out ‘changed the date’ mailers to your guests’ addresses is a great way to let them know, but it might be even more beneficial to share the changes on your social media. If you have a wedding website with information about your venue, attire, and registry, you should also note the changed date on there. There are options to print cards at home, order online, or create your own mailers. 

Connect With Your Vendors

wedding dinner buffet
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If you are on the hunt for new vendors for your rescheduled wedding date, consider taking virtual tours instead of meeting in person. Depending on the location, stores may only offer virtual tours or taste tests, but it will still be a way to further your planning. Vendors are offering online venue tours, home-delivered cake tastings, virtual wedding attire consultations, and more. In addition, there are endless options for caterers in Maryland that are willing to work with you and the state’s requirements.

The Smokehouse Grill is a full-service catering service that offers upscale dining and casual BBQ options. It is a fantastic option for an outdoor wedding, allowing you to ensure a proper distance between your guests to make sure everyone feels comfortable. Although some people are ready to be out in the world, others are still cautious. An outdoor wedding with a company that follows the CDC guidelines will keep you and your guests safe while still having fun.

Include Health and Safety Measures

bride putting on a face mask
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Although it may not be the most exciting part of wedding planning, it’s essential to make sure your guests feel safe. Consider adding in extra hand sanitizers and masks as party favors and put together socially distanced layouts. According to The Knot, couples are spending an additional $280 on safety measures — which is worth it to keep your loved ones safe. Another option is to request that guests take a rapid test before attending. 

Also, keep in mind that appetizers or finger foods may not be the way to go. Maybe instead of finger foods, you offer individually wrapped appetizers. Instead of using reused glasses from the venue, add an inexpensive reusable cup or bottle to your guests’ party favors. They can use it all night long and take it home with them to remember the day. 

Consider a Small Celebration

small wedding party sitting at a table
Image courtesy of Greenvelope.

Unfortunately, if you plan on having a gigantic wedding day, some adjusting may need to be done. Some couples have rescheduled their weddings multiple times, so they decided to hold a smaller ceremony with their immediate family. If you hold a small, intimate wedding for you and your close loved ones, you’ll have an excuse to keep the celebrations going at a later date. You can hold a larger party later down the road when you feel comfortable inviting a large group of people together. A small ceremony will allow you to truly connect with your significant other and your family, making it extremely special. 

Hold a Destination Wedding

bride and groom walking on the beach
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As more professionals continue to learn more about the virus, we will better understand traveling safely. A destination wedding is a great way to gather a small group of loved ones and safely have a wedding in a beautiful place. Of course, there are still risks involved in traveling, but it’s not impossible. Take a look at these tips for planning a destination wedding during these confusing times.

  • Keep your group small. Planning your destination wedding can become a complicated process, and it will be easier to keep your wedding party as small as you can. For example, take a trip to the Caribbean with your immediate family for a small, intimate, and beautiful wedding ceremony.
  • Over-communicate with all of your guests. The information we are receiving is constantly changing, and the guidelines can quickly adjust, so it’s essential to keep your guests informed, especially when flying to your destination. For example, let your guests know the masks mandates, vaccination requirements, or COVID testing procedures.
  • Purchase travel and wedding insurance. While the vaccination rates have instilled optimism in many Americans, there is still a level of uncertainty, and no destinations are guaranteed. Some resorts automatically purchase insurance for their guests, and others do not, so make sure you check with your resort or travel guide to confirm that you and your guests all have insurance. 

All brides and grooms are walking through uncharted territory while wedding planning during a global pandemic — which adds an extra level of stress to the wedding planning process. It’s crucial to understand that your special day is about you and your significant other. As long as you two are celebrating your love, it is okay to make adjustments to the rest of your wedding. The Smokehouse Grill is a caterer in Maryland that can not only assist you with incredible food, but we have a team to help with the wedding planning process. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together to reschedule your wedding.

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