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April 8, 2021

Planning a Tented Wedding? Here are 5 Decor Tips You Need to Know

Take your tent wedding to the next level at beautiful outdoor wedding venues in Maryland!

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An outdoor wedding is gorgeous already, but it’s important to add the bride and groom’s personality to the decorations and venue. From choosing the venue to the types of lighting you decide to use, there are plenty of options to match your style! There are outdoor wedding venues in Maryland to book for your special day, and here are 5 ways to make sure your tent matches up with your and your partner’s style.

5 Top-Rated Decor Ideas for Tented Weddings

Looking to plan your tented wedding at one of the outdoor wedding venues in Maryland? Here’s how you can add your personality!

long table with glasses, silverware, and flower centerpieces
Adding flowers that match your style to your tent wedding will show guests a little piece of you in your decorations. 
  1. Take Advantage of Flowers

Whether you are holding your wedding in your backyard or at one of the outdoor wedding venues in Maryland, flowers can enhance any area. If your style is more earthy, you can include vines and wrap them around the tent’s poles and the entrance of the tent. Adding greenery and palm leaves to create a beautiful path into the tent can also heighten the guest’s experience! Hanging flowers and plants from the top of the canopy is another great way to utilize your space. 

If you are getting married on a warm day, an open canopy tent may be a good option for your wedding day. The tent may feel a little bare with nothing on top, but adding strands of greenery, flowers, or vines can fill up space and add texture. It will keep your guests cool from the sun while also showing off your style at a unique Maryland wedding venue. 

lights and drapes hanging from the ceiling
Lighting up your tent during your wedding day will not only help your guests see, but will also give an added glow to the space.
  1. Add String Lights to Your Tent

Draping lights from the top of the canopy can create a romantic ambiance, especially during the nighttime. Choosing string lights, chandeliers, or Edison bulbs, is a fantastic way to add your style to the wedding venue. You can decide to have candles as centerpieces, lighting around the dance floor, or paper lanterns hanging from above. Whatever you decide, remember that this is showcasing your style! 

Another creative way to incorporate your style into the lighting is to utilize the surrounding area near the tent. If there are trees that you can wrap lights around or any nearby buildings, this can provide an added glow to the space. 

kids with parents
Having a photo station at your wedding is a great way for guests to create memories! 
  1. Designate One Side To Be A Photo Station

Everyone loves taking photos to capture amazing moments, and your wedding is one of these moments! Creating a photo station or photo booth at your tent wedding is a way to show you your style and a chance for your guests to show theirs too. If you have an earthy style like mentioned before, build a greenery wall for your guests to use as a backdrop. You could also take the classic photo booth route and have fun props like boas, funny glasses, and wigs for your friends and family to choose from. 

There are now photo booths that are completely digital and allow your attendees to even personalize their photos on an app. With an iPad, a ring light, and a backdrop, you can add a digital photo booth to your tent for guests to have fun with! If you would like to stay old school and rent a photo booth that prints the photos for you, this is an exciting way for guests to step back and remember what it was like before taking photos turned digital.

Gobo lighting is a fun way to add flair to any part of your wedding! You can customize the light to have any design that matches your theme.
  1. Customize Gobos For Your Tent

Have you heard of gobo lighting before? It is a way to customize images to project onto your dance floor, onto a wall, or decorate the dining area. With gobo lighting, you are able to take advantage of customization and let your style run free. You can decide to have a monogram projected or a fun design to get people excited about the dance floor -- the options are endless! Along with choosing a template or designing from scratch, the bride and groom are also able to change the gobo lighting to match their style. 

tent lit up by string lights at night time
Finding a tent that meshing with your style will take your outdoor wedding to a whole new level
  1. Find a Tent That Matches Your Style

There are plenty of different styles of tents to match your style for your big day. If you are looking for an enclosed space with open windows or a tent made of canvas to create the feeling that you are hiding away in a large teepee, there are tents on both ends of the spectrum. Starting with the right outdoor wedding venue in Maryland and deciding on the perfect tent will guide you in the right direction to show off your style during your wedding! 

Taking your tent wedding and cranking it up a notch can be thrilling when you get to add your own style to it. While searching for outdoor wedding venues in Maryland, make sure to keep your particular style in mind. The possibilities are endless, especially with The Smokehouse Grill. Contact us for a free quote on wedding tents, catering, and more.

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