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June 3, 2020

Jenna & Jasons’ Wedding Recap: An Unforgettable Celebration by the Water

A Gorgeous Wedding on a Sunny Day with One of the Best Caterers in Maryland

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Since 1999, we have partaken in some of the most special moments of your lives. When it came to weddings, graduation parties, and corporate events, we were there to provide you with one of the most popular features — the food. Today, we continue to bring flavorful dishes and delicious drinks to your special day. To celebrate the memories we have shared with customers like you, we are featuring some of our most memorable events. In our latest feature, we will be exploring some of the best parts of Jenna and Jason’s wedding at the Kent Island Yacht Club. 

As one of the best caterers in Maryland, The Smokehouse Grill is here to break down this magical day for you. 

All of the photography featured in the article is courtesy of Artful Photography.

Sweet and Floral Wedding Stationery 

Soft Pinks and Intricate Roses Bring a Gentle Touch

floral wedding invitation beside a bouquet of white roses

The wedding invitation often serves as a formal introduction to your special day. For many guests, it is the first aspect of your wedding that they will see. The wedding started the journey to their celebration with warm pinks, light violets, and a shimmer of gold in front of a white background. Adding an extra touch of elegance to the invitation is a cluster of flowers encircling a gold frame. With its understated elegance and intricate design, this wedding invitation is sure to remain framed in a special place in the couple’s future home. 

Custom Wedding Dress Hanger

Every Bride Needs Her Own Bridal Suite Accessory

bridal hanger

Sometimes, the small touches make the biggest difference. While preparing for her big day, the bride hung her wedding dress on an elegant custom wedding dress hanger. Written below the dark wood frame is the word “Bride.” This simple, but effective touch adds an extra flair to the wedding dress while providing a fun photo opportunity for the photographer. Should the bride decide to pass it down to her daughter or future daughter-in-law, the piece would become a wonderful family heirloom. 

A Priceless Engagement Ring

Looking Back to Where it All Started

engagement ring

Each engagement proposal comes with its own unique story. Accompanying it is a gorgeous diamond ring to represent the couple’s formal agreement to the marriage. But in just a few hours, the bride’s engagement ring will be accompanied by a solid gold ring, solidifying the vows she has just recited with her partner. There is nothing like reflecting on an engagement ring and its symbolization of your special relationship with your fiance as you prepare for your wedding ceremony.

Make a Stylish Entrance to Your Wedding

The Bride and Her Wedding Party Required Proper Transportation to the Venue

bride in wedding gown walking toward boat

The ride to the wedding venue is often filled with nerves and excitement. To help ease their nerves, some brides rent limos or busses to pop a bottle of champagne in with their bridesmaids. But one of the greatest perks of living near the water is that you don’t always have to travel by land to arrive at your destination. So the bride chose an upscale yacht to celebrate with her wedding party before the start of the ceremony. 

Something Blue

Light Blues with Unique Dress Styles Work Together to Create a Pleasing Aesthetic

bridal party in light blue gowns

Standing alongside the bride were her six bridesmaids dressed in blue. Nowadays, many brides are turning away from uniform bridesmaids dresses that look the same and are instead choosing a beautiful gradient full of complementary shades of their chosen color. Just as this bride did, many others also have their bridesmaids choose varying cuts and designs. Matching their shimmering dresses are bouquets of flowers tied by translucent ribbons. 

A Wedding Venue by the Water

The Couple Chose to Celebrate Their Wedding at the Kent Island Yacht Club

wedding by the water

As guests arrived at the Kent Island Yacht Club, they were greeted by a scenic view of the club’s water and lush grass. Located on the Kent Island Narrows, the Kent Island Yacht Club offers outdoor accommodations for up to 600 guests right on the water. As the reception began, guests were treated to a vibrant sunset along the waterfront as they enjoyed delicious food and satisfying drinks. 

A Unique Seating Chart

A Seating Chart Brings an Extra Touch to the Wedding Reception

seating chart at wedding reception

Wedding seating charts are important for ensuring a smooth flow into the reception area. People also enjoy knowing that the couple took the time to determine where they should be seated and with whom. The bride and groom kept their wedding chart simple with this rustic set-up. Written in cursive of small slips of paper are the assigned names for each table. The wire attached to the papers is accentuated with bundles of succulents. 

One of the Best Caterers in Maryland, The Smokehouse Grill, Joins the Reception

Fresh Food, Satisfying Beverages, and More Filled the Guests’ Hungry Stomachs

table full of food

One of the best caterers in Maryland — The Smokehouse Grill — took care of the meals and beverages for the evening. As guests gathered in the reception area, they could tide themselves over with a plate of fruit and vegetables from the appetizer table. Along with a menu of fresh, locally-sourced meals, the couple also added a dessert bar for guests. Guests could also take advantage of The Smokehouse Grill’s bar services throughout the night. 

The Smokehouse Grill is honored to partake in special celebrations like Jenna and Jason’s wedding. As one of the best caterers in Maryland, we offer a wide array of dining options and alcohol packages. To learn more about our services, contact one of our team members today.

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