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September 15, 2021

Is a Minimony Right for Your Wedding Day?

Find out if a minimony is the perfect fit for your guest list, food wishes, and dream wedding venue in Maryland.

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As a couple engaged right now, you know that the pandemic has turned the wedding industry entirely upside down. There have been an extreme amount of wedding cancellations and reworks, leaving a large amount of rethinking and replanning that had to be done. Whether you are replanning your wedding or just starting the planning process, a minimony could potentially be the best fit for your special day. If you are running on a tight budget or only wish for your close circle to be at your ceremony, it’s vital to discover the right wedding venue in Maryland, food vendor, decorations, and more. Find out what a minimony entails and if it could be suitable for you and your significant other’s wedding. 

What is a Minimony?

Is a small celebration at your favorite Maryland wedding venue right for you?

minimony ceremony
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Although a minimony, elopement, and micro wedding sound very similar, key differences set them apart. If you are using a wedding planner, you will need to ensure that you are specific about the size of your wedding so that the planner can search for the right wedding venues in Maryland, food vendors, and everything else. If you are not using a wedding planner, it’s still essential to determine the type of wedding you want. 

  • Minimony: A minimony is a highly intimate wedding ceremony that takes place on your wedding day. It’s a small-scale celebration that has become popular for couples who want their specific wedding anniversary but cannot hold a large party on that day. Instead, there is usually a large wedding planned for the future for all of your loved ones to attend.
  • Elopement: An elopement is different than the minimony because this is usually when the engaged couple takes off to a destination and gets married secretly. In some cases, there are a few witnesses that the couple invites. 
  • Micro wedding: Micro weddings are small weddings with no follow-up parties in the future, unlike the minimony. It is an intentionally small wedding guest list to create a small, cozy, and intimate atmosphere.

How do I plan a Minimony?

Tiny, Personalize Ceremonies for Your Wedding Day

indoor minimony ceremony
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The guest list is composed of up to ten people, and the minimony is sometimes known as a commitment ceremony. Many couples in states with strict social distancing guidelines decide on a minimony to honor their original wedding date so they can move along with the legal process of marriage. Minimonies could also include:

  • Mini wedding cake
  • Select food vendors 
  • Handwritten notes
  • Small and simple flower arrangements
  • An intimate first dance

After the minimony, the next step is the sequel wedding in the future. You could see it as a downside or an upside: there are two weddings to plan, but it means you have an excuse to prolong the wedding festivities. The sequel wedding has been known for cultural and religious reasons, but it has taken on an entirely new meaning since the global pandemic. There is no specific time frame between the minimony and sequel wedding — that is up to the bride and groom. 

What Should I Wear and What Kind of Food Should We Serve?

bride standing outside in her dress
Image courtesy of Country Bride & Gent.

These are two completely different questions, but they are both excellent questions to ask when considering a minimony. Just because you are hosting a minimal wedding ceremony does not mean that you should settle on a simple dress — wear the wedding dress you love the most! There are no rules to a minimony, and it is your special day. Some brides enjoy the idea of taking advantage of the simplicity and will go for a simple dress, and others can take this as the time to go all out. You can wear the same dress for the minimony and the sequel wedding, or splurge and purchase two different dresses. Make sure to keep the guests updated on the dress code on your wedding invites for both ceremonies as well. 

Just like wearing whatever you want, you should serve whatever food you want on your wedding day. You have the opportunity to serve up something a little more expensive since there is a small number of guests. On the other hand, some couples want to take the minimony as an opportunity to have their wedding catered by their favorite fast food restaurant — Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, etc. 

If you are searching for a way to honor your wedding date while having the opportunity to hold a larger celebration down the line, a minimony is the perfect compromise for you and your significant other. You get the best of both worlds — a small intimate ceremony and a large party celebration. The Smokehouse Grill offers an incredible and customizable menu that can pair perfectly with your minimony or the sequel wedding. Our team can even assist in planning your wedding to include delicious food and while at the ultimate wedding venue in Maryland. Contact us today to begin the wedding planning process and to discuss our catering options.

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