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February 12, 2021

How to Plan The Ultimate Wedding Menu For Your Special Day

The Best Advice From Experts in BBQ Catering in the Chesapeake area

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Your wedding will most likely be one of the most exciting moments of your life—that’s why you should make sure you’re planning accordingly for your special day. While decorations, venues, and attire are all important, most people will remember the food at your wedding the most. By planning the perfect wedding menu, you’ll be able to wow your family and friends who you choose to share this day with. That’s why as experts with over 20 years experience in BBQ catering for weddings and special events, we’ve created this guide to help you craft a custom menu.

Consider Your Budget and Affordable Options like BBQ Catering

Deciding Between Upscale and Laid-Back BBQ Catering? Consider the Costs

buffet style catering at wedding

The most important thing when it comes to wedding planning is figuring out your budget—it’s crucial to understand how much you’re willing to spend as well as who else will be contributing to helping the cost. From here, you can determine what amount will go to each part of your wedding, whether it be decorations, venues, or food. 

Many people may feel pressured to have a more extravagant wedding than they’re prepared to pay for, so it’s important to be realistic about what you’re willing to spend, as there are always cheaper options available like BBQ catering. It’s important to think of the cost both as “per person” as well as “overall”. On average, many people spend around $70 per person on their catering, however there are also much cheaper options available. Once you know your price cap, you’ll be ready to start the next step.

Consult Your Spouse, Mind Your Guests

Find Food Options that Everyone Will Love

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While it is you and your spouse’s wedding day, it’s also important to keep your guests in mind when picking out food. For example, if you know that many members of your family don’t like a certain style of food, it would be unwise to only have that specific type of food at your wedding. By having several options for different tastes and dietary restrictions, you’ll be able to make sure that everyone is able to eat the delicious catering you paid for. Here are some questions you should ask yourself while determining what food you’d like:

  • Do my guests have allergies or dietary restrictions I should plan around?
  • Are there any types of food I should avoid?
  • Are there any ‘sentimental’ foods I want to share with my guests?

As a general standard, we recommend including at least one vegetarian option at your wedding as well as one chicken and one beef dish to make sure that all of your guest’s tastes will be covered. Additionally, having gluten free and vegan dishes as needed will keep your menu accessible and enjoyable for all. By having this conversation with yourself as well as others, you’ll be able to understand the best types of food to have at your wedding. 

Explore Options & Ask Around

No Matter The Budget, There is Always Delicious Food Available

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Once you’ve determined your price limit as well as what types of foods you and your guests will be interested in for the reception, it’s time to start looking for wedding caterers. Typically, talking with newlyweds about their caterers is a great way to gauge the local cuisine and find what worked best for them. Word of mouth advertising is the most honest feedback you’ll come across, so value the opinions of those around you. 

It may take a bit to find the perfect caterer that fits both your budget as well as your preferences, however the wait is well worth it. By taking your time in this step and doing your research, you’ll be able to have delicious food on your wedding day without all the extra stress.

Begin the Contact and Price Quote Process

Contact Specialists in Different Types of Upscale, Buffet, and BBQ Catering

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Once you’ve found a few different caterers that seem up your alley, you should contact them as soon as possible, because you’ll want to meet with them as well as taste their foods before proceeding with any kind of plans. It’s important to find a caterer as quickly as possible, as dates book up quickly as well as far in advance. If the caterer is willing to, it’s incredibly helpful to have both an interview and tasting session at the same time, as the way their food tastes is just as important as their personality

There’s a chance that you may be impressed with several different caterers—in this case, looking at their prices and portion ratios is a great way to decide between them. By looking critically at each choice until you find the best option, you’ll have the best cuisine possible for your wedding day.

Planning your wedding yourself can seem like a daunting task at first—however, with a bit of research, it is an incredibly rewarding and stress-free experience. By finding what price you’re comfortable with and talking with your spouse and guests, you’ll have your dream wedding menu in no time. Looking for a professional upscale or BBQ catering for your special day? Contact The Smokehouse Grill today for a free quote on our affordable and flexible catering services.

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