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December 3, 2022

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Catering Menu for Your Wedding Theme

Whether you’re hosting the barn wedding of your dreams in Maryland or an intimate backyard wedding, we have the perfect catering options for you.

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You’re finally planning the wedding of your dreams–the moment you’ve been waiting for your entire life. You’ve always pictured your dream dress, the perfect venue, and a perfectly-crafted theme that appears seamlessly throughout the day. However, it’s not always easy to decide what kind of food to serve to align with your theme.Luckily, the Smokehouse Grill is consistently voted a top wedding caterer in Maryland. Not only is this a result of our customer service and great flavors, but it’s a testament to our commitment to exceed expectations no matter what type of catering you’re looking for: seafood, BBQ catering, pit beef catering, or classic wedding catering. Wondering which menu will match your theme? Keep reading to check out our expert recommendations. 

Barn and Backyard Weddings + BBQ Catering

Famous for BBQ wedding catering in Maryland, The Smokehouse Grill will take your barn wedding to the next level.

Image of barn wedding setup.

Barn weddings are one of the most popular types of weddings for a number of reasons: great venues, breathtaking views, and a charming overall feel. Couples who choose a barn wedding or a backyard wedding are typically looking for a fun, laid-back feel–but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice elegance within your design or menu.

If you’re looking for the perfect catering match for your laid-back wedding, BBQ catering from a top Maryland caterer could be your answer. Ranging from burgers and chicken to Pit Beef Catering and pig roasts, The Smokehouse Grill provides a full spectrum of BBQ catering options to guests. Prepared on-site, the BBQ is always as fresh as it gets. Your guests will love the simplicity and flavor of a BBQ wedding. It’s a total crowd pleaser every time.

Waterfront Weddings in Maryland + Fresh Seafood

Capitalize on the best catering in Maryland, caught fresh from the docks of the Eastern Shore

Image of bride and groom on a sunny day by the water.

There’s nothing quite like the Chesapeake Bay. Laid-back days on the boat and cracking crabs in the backyard for dinner is a way of life around here, and couples who choose a waterfront wedding wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s why your wedding on the bay is a total no-brainer when it comes to catering: fresh seafood.

Picture your guests enjoying fresh crabs, Maryland crab cakes, oysters, shrimp, and more. Caught fresh from the docks of the Eastern Shore, our seafood always delivers on quality and freshness. While you take in the views of the Chesapeake on your special day, you’ll be fully immersed in the bay experience

Glamorous Weddings + Upscale Catering Menus

Impress your guests with an upscale dining experience at your wedding

Image of a bride and a groom at their wedding reception celebrating with their guests.

You’ve been dreaming about your wedding day your entire life. Young girls dream of feeling and looking like a princess on their wedding days, featuring all the glitz and glamor. If you picture your wedding day being the glamorous event of the century, your food has to be up to par.

While everyone enjoys a great BBQ meal, it might feel out of place at your glamorous wedding. That’s why we recommend checking out our upscale wedding catering packages. Designed to be both delicious and reasonably priced, our packages provide a number of options like surf and turf pairings, filets, prime rib, salmon, and all the delectable sides your heart can desire. Your wedding is sure to wow your guests like a red carpet event, and your food will certainly exceed their expectations.

Bohemian Weddings + Buffet Style Catering

Keep the Good Vibes Flowing with Catering that Pleases Everyone

An image of a room carrying his bride over a field.

Soft, subtle, airy, and relaxed, bohemian weddings are all about delivering on good vibes. Bohemian weddings are great for couples who want to maintain a relaxed atmosphere but don’t feel like a barn wedding is right for them. Featuring soft and natural materials, pops of greenery, and vignettes for seating and conversation, Bohemian weddings are the ultimate environment for a good time and good conversation.

The perfect catering option for your bohemian wedding in Maryland? Buffet style catering by the Smokehouse Grill. We provide plenty of dining options that you can select for your buffet, ranging from fresh seafood to classic comfort foods. Keep the conversation and the fun going with a simple buffet setup. Your guests will be impressed by the fast, friendly service of The Smokehouse Grill, and might love the food so much they’ll come back for seconds.

Small, Intimate Weddings + Drop-off Catering

Maintain the intimacy of a small celebration with affordable drop-off catering options

Am image of a party with people cheer-sing their glasses around a table.

More and more couples are choosing to elope or have a small wedding than ever before. It’s no secret that the cost of weddings is on the rise, which is why we aim to provide quality and affordability in our wedding packages. One way we do this is by providing drop-off catering options for smaller celebrations. Not only does this allow you to maintain the intimacy of your event without a full catering staff, but it takes the weight of cooking off the hosts’ shoulders. Drop-off catering with The Smokehouse Grill is easy and we’re happy to help accommodate to your needs–no matter the event. 

No matter your wedding theme, The Smokehouse Grill is sure to provide the quality and options that you’re looking for on your wedding day. Best of all, no matter what type of catering you choose for your wedding day, you will always please your guests with our full assortment of affordable options. Contact us today to get a free quote on your wedding catering needs in Maryland, Delaware, and Washington D.C..

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