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July 25, 2018

Buy Local, Shop Local, Drink Local!

Favorite beers for the tap truck provided by your local brewers

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As summer is in full swing, so is the season for celebrating. Alcohol at weddings, family gatherings, company BBQs, graduation parties, the list can go on with events that have a reason for boozing. Either way, the people are determined to make the most of the weather by having some summer fun and letting the good times roll. If you will be planning one of these summertime good times, or even just attending one, then check out our list of the best local beer vendors near you. We have covered the glitz and the glam of everything you have to know about these alcohol vendors, including price, event space, vibe, and of course, our favorite brewers. Do not forget to drink responsibly! 

Dogfish Head Brewery

Welcome to Dogfish Head Brewery, our first selected local vendor that we simply HAVE to share with you. If you are so far unfamiliar with Dogfish Head beers or the location of the Dogfish Head Brewery, you will be happy to find that its locations are conveniently by popular spots Rehoboth Beach and Delaware Bay. Its beginning days occurred in the peak of the 1990’s, where Dogfish Head started its journey to becoming a dedicated beer creator, innovator, and infuser. It has been 23 years, and the company has been churning out delicious beers ever since. You can order your choice of brew for your tap truck, visit their “greatest in the country” brewery tour, and even grab a bite from their on-site food spot! Looking to taste, sample, or book them for your special event? Connect with them here, and then see our recommended beers to try below: 

Our Beer Choice #1: SeaQuench Ale

sea quench ale
Image Source: Dogfish Head

This sour, crispy choice is perfect to cool you down in the hot summertime. The special concoction, which includes Kolsch, Gose, and Berliner Weiss, equals thirst-quenching bliss. The combo includes a formula of black limes, sour lime juice, and sea salt to finish off this popular brew. Bonus: It is especially great with seafood. 

Our Beer Choice #2: Dragons and YumYums

dragons and yum yums brew
Image Source: Dogfish Head

Recognize this eccentric musician? Wayne Coyne is pictured here with Dragons & YumYums, the Dogfish Head collaboration between themselves and the American rock band, The Flaming Lips. If you have ever seen their frontman perform, then you can expect what this special brew must taste like. Described as “intensely tropical”, this pale ale was brewed with dragon fruit, passion fruit, black carrot juice, pear juice, yumberry, and are you still reading? You can stop now, just take the hint that it is delicious. 

3rd Wave Brewing Co.

3rd wave brewing co beer
Image Source: 3rd Wave

The small state of Delaware is bursting with culture, just like this Delmar-based microbrewery is bursting with taste. 3rd Wave Brewing Co. is a perfect pick for your local alcohol vendor needs. They are constantly providing their expert-in-beer services at their brewery, the nearby bars, on weekend food trucks, and at community events. They have a variety of yearly beers as well as seasonal ones, so prepare to be satisfied with their specialty craft beers. Planning a beach-themed event? 3rd Wave draws claims the ocean is its muse, so don’t shy away from choosing it as your waterside alcohol vendor.

Our Beer Choice #1: Beach Juice Berliner Weisse

Image Source: Delmarva Now

Yes, it is a mouthful. In every way you can think of. Beach Juice, Berliner Weisse is a sour wheat beer that is described as both refreshing and cloudy. Its tart citrus flavor provides the ultimate escape from any hoppiness, and is a perfect intro brew for those who usually stay away from the sours. Trust us, this one is a crowd pleaser.

Our Beer Choice #2: Gibson Orange Wheat

orange slices on a table

This ultimate summer kickback started out as a brew designed specifically for local truckers raising money for a family member who had passed from cancer. This sentimental start carried Gibson Orange Wheat to the frontlines, as it poses as a staple craft every year at their Cancer Sucks charity event. Even if your summer event is not something similar, know that you can enjoy this wheat beer full of orange zest all the same! It has light hops, fresh fruit, and all the taste.

Eastern Shore Brewing Co.

eating pizza and drinking beer at a festival
Image Source: Pittsburgh Beer Fest

Another one of our favorite vendors, Eastern Shore Brewing Co. is a reliable and successful alcohol vendor that can provide both in quality and quantity. Their knowledgeable staff and history of brewing adds up to many satisfied customers and many tasty beers. Each craft brew takes intense experimentation, innovation, and precision to get to the right formula. The process ensures enjoyable beer by all! It is located in Saint Michaels, MD for easy access to events on the water. You will love their product.

Our Beer Choice #1: St. Michaels Ale

ordering beer at a stand
Image Source: Pittsburgh Beer Fest

This flagship beer goes down easy, as it consists of an enjoyable complexion of amber ale, malt, and an American hops blend. It is a great craft beer that is well-received by first-time-craft drinkers. Show your colleagues, family, or friends that you know your stuff by choosing this beer to go on tap at your party!

Our Beer Choice #2: Knot So Pale Ale

beer competition survey being completed
Image from the 2017 Governor’s Cuptaken

Interested in selecting an IPA as a beer for those craft lovers at your event, but worried about pleasing everyone at the same time? Eastern Shore has a great in-between choice to switch things up for IPA-devotees while simultaneously not turning anyone away. The Knot So Pale Ale includes malt and grapefruit ingredients to place it just on the line between extra pale ale and IPA. It has just a little bit of bitterness to it, and even was a gold medal winner at the 2016 Governors Cup.

Rar Brewing Cambridge

rar brewing cambridge
Image Source: Rar Brewing

This Cambridge, Maryland brewery is a spunky vendor with personality, taste, and a long history of brewing to back it up. Welcome to Rar Brewing Cambridge, a taproom that celebrates its original ambiance and captivating art (kudos to the “RARtist”). Their rotating 12 draft taps create a seamless system of year-round stellar brews, available to you at both public and private events. Their beer is recommended to be paired with music, as the brew-and-food spot typically sees musical guests every weekend. Their goal? Continue to produce fresh, enjoyable drinks for their beloved community. What’s not to like?

Our Beer Choice #1: 10 Layers with Mint

10 layers with mint stout
Image Source: Rar Brewing

If you’re having a fancy event, nighttime event, or just prefer sweet things, 10 Layers with Mint flavoring is a unique American Stout that could really please your guests. This dessert beer is seasonally available, probably because it is so easy to get addicted to it. Earning a well deserving 4.1 /5 stars on Untapped, Mint 10 Layers has a chocolate and cool mint aroma, with a light sweetness to it that doesn’t bog you down. Great for alcohol at weddings!

Our Beer Choice #2: Bottom Feeder

bottom feeder ale
Image Source: Boa Beer Blog

This one goes out to all the blondes! Bottom Feeder by Rar Brewing is an American Blonde Ale is a crisp and popular brew that leaves a refreshing aftertaste in one’s mouth. This hydrating beverage is popular during summertime gatherings, especially because it is light on the palette, basically guaranteeing it goes well with everything. It is certain to satisfy.

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