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August 8, 2018

Best BBQ Caterers in Baltimore

Find the Best BBQ Catering Services in Baltimore Before Summer Ends

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Good morning Baltimore, and hello delicious BBQ joints in the area! If you have a special event coming up soon, you can stop any and all searches because the most mouthwatering BBQ catering Baltimore services are here. Strap on your bib and grab the paper towels, because these spots know how to get messy.

The Smokehouse Grill

Large grill with man grilling chicken

Baltimore lovers rejoice, for The Smokehouse has come to end your pain. The Smokehouse Grill has been serving up juicy BBQ to worthy folks since 1999. This is the original one stop shop catering company to provide on-site services, meaning they set up right on your wedding venue or corporate picnic spot to cook fresh, delicious BBQ for the whole venue. Their central location in the Tri-state area allows them to provide incomparable BBQ to a variety of deserving customers, including Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, and surrounding metropolitan areas (you better believe Baltimore is included in this list!). The food will make your mouth water as the experienced staff comes to you, complete with capable grillers, timely strategies, and the skills to cook up all of the delicious meats you crave for your entire party (up to 5,000 guests)! This special BBQ catering Baltimore gem sends customers raving about the food and the service after having them cater at their most precious events. One customer expressed “the food was outstand”, and highlighted the staff’s efficiency and capability, quoting them as the reason that the wedding rehearsal was “worry-free”.


grill with meat

Located right in the heart of Baltimore in the Historic Federal Hill, HarborQue delivers delectable smoked meats and catering packages to all of Maryland. HarborQue specializes in the deliciously famous Carolina pit style, a specific type of BBQ that is unlike any you have ever tasted before. Carolina BBQ begins by smothering the meat in a marinade made from vinegar and spices. The next step includes a 16 hour smoking session over hickory where the meat is slowly cooked to ensure perfection in aging without any dryness. After the intense period of smoking is over, the meat is slowly pulled from the bones and into a mouthwatering, edible pieces for customers to consume.The flavor, which reviewers have found to be “highly satisfying”, is concocted from one of their select sauces, whether it be their East Carolina Vinegar-based sauce, their drizzled on Pick Pickins’, their thick, mustard-based South Carolina sauce, or their famous Memphis style (Sweet or Spicy). Take a chance on HarborQue to enjoy some “Southern taste right in the heart of Baltimore”. HarborQue is even gearing up its brand new HarborQue Food Truck to prepare for the upcoming Festival season, so be sure to check out their calendar of events to experience it first hand!

The Smoking Swine

the smoking swine food truck
Image Source: The Baltimore Sun

If you have heard of The Smoking Swine before, they might not seem like your typical large BBQ catering service for your upcoming event. The Smoking Swine is in fact none other than a famous food truck service that was once featured on the hit Food Network TV Show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. What is more enticing for a BBQ catering Baltimore service than having had been visited by the one and only Guy Fieri? This smoking food truck gives Baltimore natives a variety of BBQ eats, including pulled pork, brisket, and several yummy sides. The truck service can provide enough food for up to 60 guests, and any larger catering event requires additional charges. Their mobile prep and drop off gig offers a casual and easy way to provide a straightforward catering service with a packed punch full of flavor. The Smoking Swine also offers a buffet alternative to the truck for more formal occasions. They truly have everything you could need, and most importantly, food that is tasty!

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