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September 4, 2020

9 Pinterest-inspired Ideas for a Gorgeous Autumn Wedding

The Top Caterer in Maryland Offers Tips on Planning an Unforgettable Fall Wedding

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As we say goodbye to the lazy dog days of summer and transition into the crisp autumn, a new wedding season is almost upon us. The colorful foliage and cool weather make it perfect for throwing an unforgettable wedding. It’s no wonder so many couples choose a September, October, or November date for their wedding. 

If you’re in need of inspiration for your upcoming wedding, check out these Pinterest-inspired ideas offered by The Smokehouse Grill — a popular wedding caterer in Maryland

9 Ideas for a Romantic Fall Wedding Ceremony

A top wedding caterer in Maryland offers tips and advice for planning a fall wedding

fall wedding dining table

Planning a fall wedding is both exciting and hectic. Need some inspiration for your autumn wedding? Check out these gorgeous and creative ideas below! 

1. Create Fall-themed Wedding Invitations

fall wedding inspiration

Image courtesy of Zazzle.

Your wedding invitation can set the stage for the theme and tone of your upcoming wedding. If you’re following a fall theme, take inspiration from the colorful leaves and pumpkins that typically define this gorgeous season. This invitation creates a rustic vibe with its string lights and wooden background. The pumpkins and flowers also add a classic and romantic touch to the wedding invitation.

2. Build Autumn-Inspired Wedding Arch

Earth Tones Wedding Color Palette With Copper Accents For Autumn Wedding 1 - Fab Mood | Wedding Colours, Wedding Themes, Wedding colour palettes

Image courtesy of Fab Mood

When designing a wedding arch for a fall wedding, many couples choose earth tones such as copper or burgundy. Earth-toned palettes perfectly match the rustic and crisp tone of the autumn season. Autumn flowers like pansies, aster, and violas are perfect for outlining the arch. You can also add lanterns to the arch like the photo above for a romantic finishing touch. 

3. Throw a Fall-Inspired Photoshoot

The Couple

Image courtesy of Bridal Guide

One of the best things about fall is the gorgeous and colorful foliage it brings. Take advantage of its natural beauty by planning an engagement photoshoot surrounded by the red, orange, and yellow leaves the season brings. Shots of falling leaves, in particular, create a magical and romantic effect. You can also arrange a photoshoot for your wedding party after the ceremony. While you might get a few leaves in your hair after the photo shoot, the results will be worth it.

4. Use Deep, Fall Colors for Your Bridesmaids Dresses

bridesmaids in maroon

Image courtesy of Junebug Weddings.

Choosing a color palette for your bridesmaids’ dresses is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process. Some brides opt for a single color and design for her bridesmaids’ dresses while others select a mismatched palette offering varying designs that are less streamlined. Need help picking out a palette? Check out these popular combinations:

  • Oranges and yellows
  • Earthy neutrals like cream and brown
  • Black and grey
  • Deep purples such as wine and sangria
  • Golden metallics
  • Dark reds

5. Add a Cider Drink to the Menu

apple cider

Nothing says autumn more than a warm cup of apple cider. Treat your guests to some warm spiked cider during your wedding reception. Most wedding caterers will provide their own hot spiked cider recipe for your guests so you don’t have to worry about making it yourself. You just need to remember to request it. For anyone under the age of 21, you can offer a non-alcoholic option. 

6. Create Pumpkin Placeholders

pumpkin placeholder

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Pumpkin placeholders are a fun and charming way to help your guests figure out which table they have been assigned. They are also simple and easy to make. Simply purchase a batch of small pumpkins, ribbon, and cards. You can then use a marker to write the names and table assignments on the tags yourself or recruit a friend with nice handwriting for help. After the ceremony, your guests can even bring the placeholders back as decoration for their own homes.  

7. Arrange a Fall-inspired Bouquet

fall bouquet with velvet

Image courtesy of Country Living

When it comes to arranging a fall wedding bouquet, most brides opt for a more rustic look than the ones used by summer brides. Roses with deep red hues and orange-colored tulips, for instance, are popular among autumn brides. Other flowers that are typically in-season for fall weddings include:

  • Yarrows
  • Lilies
  • Dahlias
  • Sunflowers
  • Carnations
  • Marigolds

8. Add a Seasonal Centerpiece to the Tables

fall wedding centerpieces

Image courtesy of Emma Loves Weddings

Candles, pumpkins, flowers, lanterns, and mason jars make great centerpieces for an autumn wedding reception. Not only do they offer a rustic vibe to your wedding, but they’re also pretty easy to arrange. 

9. Hire a Fall Wedding Caterer Service

fall catering service

One of the most crucial parts of a wedding is its catering service. After a long day spent preparing for the ceremony, you and your wedding party will probably be eager to chow down on some food. Let a professional wedding catering service like The Smokehouse Grill take care of it. 

Whether you want an upscale reception featuring an oyster bar or a casual BBQ dinner, The Smokehouse Grill offers numerous options that can easily fit your tastes and preferences. You can either choose its drop-off catering service or hire a team to serve the food at your reception. The Smokehouse Grill also offers a comprehensive alcohol package for people who want to serve beer, wine, and cocktails at their reception. 

Now that you’ve arranged the venue and the decorations, it’s time to hire a wedding caterer in Maryland. Contact The Smokehouse Grill today to check out our wedding packages and service options!

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