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June 8, 2021

8 Small Wedding Details Your Guests Will Love

Subtle details like a caterer’s BBQ sauce, handwritten invitations, and unique wedding favors will add personality to your special day.

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Between all the major aspects of your wedding day, don’t forget about the little details. Of course, your cake design, wedding dress, color scheme, and venue are important, but the simple additions you put into your wedding will take it to the next level. For example, incorporate your and your partner’s favorite items in the wedding favor, design a one-of-kind guest book, or use a caterer’s BBQ to showcase your favorite meal. Adding small details like these won’t go unnoticed by your guests. So get some inspiration for your big day with these eight small wedding details.

8 Simple Wedding Details that Won’t Go Unnoticed by Guests

       1. Home-Cooking from Local BBQ Caterers

Switch up the usual wedding food for a delicious BBQ.

Having a meal that isn’t typically served at a wedding will turn guests’ heads and please their tastebuds. Use a caterer’s BBQ to add some flavor to your special day, and even have the food cooked on-site — delicious and fresh. There are options that work for just about every wedding party, from a casual buffet station to an upscale plated filet mignon and crab cake dinner. With BBQ that is cooked on-site, you will have the opportunity to support local businesses that supply their produce, chickens, and seafood. 

       2. Handwritten Invitations

person writing
Add a personal touch by handwriting your wedding invitations. 

Invitations are sent for just about every wedding, but adding the small detail of handwritten invitations will make you stand out. Handwriting invitations may be challenging if you hold a wedding with hundreds on the guest list, so this might work best for a small wedding. If you are having a large wedding and still want to add the handwritten feel, write a simple note instead of writing out every word on each invite. Some invitations are sent online in our digital age, and others are printed with generic text and graphics, so adding your personal touch will mean everything to a guest. 

        3. Design a Personalized Entrance

two entranc designs
Image courtesy of ShaadiSaga.

First impressions are important in a wedding — your guests’ first impressions of the venue, your partner’s first impression of your wedding dress, and even your guests’ first impressions of your reception. The initial impression of the bride’s wedding dress is arguably one of the most important impressions of the day. You can make it even more special by adding an entrance that you personalized. That could be a specific song, a funny dance, or an arch made of flowers. If there is a doorway, you could add garland or drape lighting on the door frame.

       4. Customize Your Guest Book

photo guest book
Image courtesy of Brides of Austin.

Just because it’s called a guest ‘book’ doesn’t mean it has to be a book. You could customize it to be anything you want to remember who was there on your wedding day. For example, Polaroid cameras are making a huge comeback, and it is a fun idea to have an area for guests to take their own Polaroid photos that they leave for you and your partner. Not only will you get to see who was there, but you’ll also get to see how much fun they were having. Another great idea is to create an interactive guest book. Purchase a giant Jenga game, leave markers next to it, and request that guests leave a note, a date idea, or relationship advice on each Jenga piece. 

       5. Add History to Centerpieces

Image courtesy of Offbeat Bride.

Centerpieces made of simple flowers and candles are beautiful, but adding history to the centerpiece can make it meaningful. On each table, you can have a different photo from your childhoods, photos of you and your partner when you were first together, or various other items that represent your relationship. If you aren’t brave enough to show embarrassing pictures from your past, add a small stack of books that mean something to you and your partner as a centerpiece. The books are an interesting addition to a centerpiece and can even be a conversation starter for the guests at each table. 

       6. Add Another ‘Open Bar’

french fry bar
Image courtesy of Forkly.

Most people love an open bar at a wedding, but what if you added or swapped it out for something a little tastier? Put together a bar with a tasty snack to help fill guests’ stomachs while waiting for the main meal. For example, have a french fry bar with different seasonings and sauces that guests can choose to pair with their fries. If it’s a hot day, an ice cream bar will help everyone cool down. Opening this snack bar for the moment between the ceremony and the reception (or at the end of the night) will allow you and the wedding party to take photos and give the guests a snack before the main course.

       7. Encourage Guests to Share on Social Media

photo background
Image courtesy of USB2.

Brainstorm a catchy hashtag for friends and family to use when posting their photos on Facebook and Instagram, so you and your partner won’t miss out on anything that gets posted. The personalized hashtag will encourage guests to post on social media, and you can even build a photo station for them. You can rent out a photo booth, or you can create your photo station with fun props, wigs, signs, and anything else you see fit. It’s a fun addition to the day and can be a way to have the memory forever. 

       8. Offer Unique Favors

Candy wedding favor
Image courtesy of Cheers MT.

Party favors are in no way necessary, but they can be a cute way to leave your guests with a little part of the special day. Choose something that represents your and your partner’s personalities, and sometimes something edible is best. Whether it’s your favorite cookies or locally produced honey, your guests will appreciate the thought you put into the gift. 

There is endless planning that goes into an incredible wedding, and it can become stressful. Planning the small details of the day can be a way to put the fun back into planning while also adding your personal touches. You can check off a delicious and unique wedding meal with a caterer’s BBQ, such as The Smokehouse Grill. The team specializes in the on-site preparation of incredible barbecue meats in addition to upscale dining options. Contact us today to get started on adding the details to your special day!

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