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January 12, 2021

7 Wedding Trends for 2021 Every Bride Should Know About

Making Sure You Have the Trendiest Catering, Ceremony, and Wedding Venues in Maryland

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Large, traditional weddings can be difficult right now due to COVID-19 and the regulations put in place to protect others. However, this doesn’t mean that weddings have to stop until the pandemic does as well—it just means that you’ll have a few extra considerations for your wedding. With a smaller guest list, this allows you to have a more personalized touch to your welcome gifts, decor, and more. Here at The Smokehouse Grill, we’re dedicated to finding you the best catering and wedding venues in Maryland for your perfect day; that’s why we’ve created this guide on 2021 pandemic wedding trends to keep your guests entertained and make your wedding day special.

Welcome Boxes With Sanitizer and Other Goods

Making Your Guests Feel Welcomed and Safe

closeup of wedding welcome gifts

Because your guest list will definitely be smaller than it usually would, this is a great opportunity to show the people coming to your special day that you care about them. One of these ways is through personalized welcome boxes. While not everything has to be pandemic themed, it would be helpful to offer hand sanitizer as well as masks to keep your guests safe in all wedding venues. In Maryland, sanitizers and masks are easy to come by, making this a cheap and easy way to make sure your guests feel special.

Lighter Color Palettes With Dark Accents

Adding Light Blues and Periwinkles to Your Decor

light blue decorations outdoors

In the world of weddings, darker colors such as navy blue and red are starting to be less preferred over lighter, fresh colors, such as periwinkle or powder blue. These colors radiate elegance and youth, making them the perfect pick for any couples wedding palette. However, despite the switch to lighter main colors, many wedding planners are opting for black and dark brown accent colors to give a nice contrast from the light.

Buying Single Serve Cakes

An Non-traditional Cake to Stop the Spread

closeup of small wedding cake with many in the background

While a large cake is a traditional aspect of weddings, many people have started to switch to a single serve style of cakes. Whether this be individual, small cakes or cupcakes, these help avoid any kind of contamination that may happen when cake is being served in other ways. If you’re dead set on a large, traditional cake, however, there are options for you—one of our suggestions is having the large cake for just the married couple while still having single serve cakes for guests. This is an excellent way to still have the extravagant feel of a large wedding cake while also being conscious of the attendees safety, making it one of the biggest 2021 wedding trends.

Adding Some Natural Greenery to Your Decor

Wedding Venues in Maryland Can Add a Perfect Touch of Natural Plantlife

natural wedding decor with flower centerpiece

With the rising popularity of outdoor weddings that showcase a more natural side, plantlife decor is also becoming a popular trend this year. Adding a touch of green into a light color palette will breathe life into your wedding, giving it a minimalistic and elegant look and feel. If you’re set on sticking to the natural theme, small plants can also be great parts of welcome gifts for friends and family.

Booking Larger Wedding Venues in Maryland

Allowing Extensive Space Between Guests

distanced event seating

It’s incredibly important to keep everyone distanced from each other, but we also understand that not everyone may want an outdoor wedding, or may want their ceremony to take place in a certain religious building. Because of this, it’s important to choose a larger wedding venue as compared to a smaller one. These are easy to come by and allow for adequate spacing between guests, making them one of the biggest trends for 2021 weddings. 

Transitioning to Outdoor Tent Ceremonies

Too Small of a Wedding Venue? In Maryland, the Weather Can Allow for Tent Gatherings Too

wedding tent

With Maryland’s mild weather, outdoor weddings are a smart and effective way to keep guests distanced while you’re still able to have your perfect day. With beautiful scenery and nice weather, an outdoor gathering can be one that everyone can enjoy and remember. However, you can’t control the weather, no matter how detailed you plan your wedding. That’s why we recommend using a tent, as it makes any type of weather an enjoyable experience. Tents can be beautifully decorated to fit the theme of your wedding while keeping guests safe, making this the best case scenario for your special day. The SmokeHouse Grill is the perfect caterer for outdoor weddings with our flexibility, available rentals, and variety of food options for every level of fanciness.

Virtual Weddings From Home

No Need For Large Groups to Gather

woman sitting on couch and looking at computer

One of the biggest trends within weddings this year has been virtual weddings. By livestreaming the ceremony, those who aren’t able to come in person will be able to enjoy the event from the comfort of their own home and with less risk for everyone. These events are still very personal and allow for the memories to be recorded forever, making them even more worthwhile. While you may want everyone there for your special day, this is the next best thing.

Due to the unprecedented times we’re living in, it opens up opportunities for incredibly unique weddings. With these strange circumstances comes even more strange trends, making this an incredibly interesting and exciting year for choosing caterers and wedding venues. In Maryland and looking for wedding catering for your perfect day? Contact The Smokehouse Grill today for a free quote for a delicious variety of foods on your wedding day.

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