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May 13, 2021

7 Tips for Planning An Incredible Waterfront Wedding

From delicious pit beef catering to show-stopping decor, a waterfront wedding can be the right place for almost any couple.

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Planning a wedding takes hard work, no matter where the venue is located. A waterfront wedding can be challenging in its own way because of the weather, decor choices, nature noises, and more — but of course, it is gratifying, and the views will be unmatched. Even though waterfront and beach weddings can be considered typical, there are ways to add your personal touches. Whether it’s with pit beef catering, elegant decorations, or attire, there are numerous ways to take advantage of the beautiful scenery that comes with a beach wedding. 

7 Ways to Go From a Basic to Enchanting Waterfront Wedding

  1. Pit Beef Catering
pit beef barbeque
Serve some chicken and beef that was cooked on-site for your guests.

Pit beef catering isn’t something every wedding has, making it that much more exciting — from a casual BBQ buffet station to an upscale plated filet mignon and crab cake. On-site catering means that you and your guests get to watch the magic happen! Pulled pork, pit beef, pit ham, smoked turkey, BBQ chicken, roasted pig, steak, and seafood are only a few of the many options available for a pit beef catering menu. Don’t forget about the locally grown sides to pair with the meats. Corn on the cob, fresh string beans, and local oysters are the perfect additions to any wedding dish. 

  1. See-Through Tent

If you are looking for ways to enhance the venue while also feeling connected to the elements during the ceremony, consider using a see-through tent. The tent will allow you to see your guests, the view and keep you and your partner protected from the unexpected weather. If possible, find a tent with a roof that is around 20 feet high. A low-hanging roof will make you feel like you are inside, and your wedding will lose that waterfront appeal. It can also act as a protectant when the sun is beating down, and your guests are searching for shade. 

  1. Laid Back Attire
bride and groom on the beach
Stay cool and comfortable at your waterfront wedding with casual clothing.

No one will want to be wearing a ball gown or full tuxedo on the beach. When the bride is picking out her wedding dress, it would be more practical to go with a flowy gown, and if you are feeling totally out of the box, a short dress would be a great option. It’s usually scorching at the beach, so use waterproof mascara and eyeliner in case you start to sweat. Another tip for the bride is to skip out on the lip gloss and swap it out for a matte lipstick. If the wind begins flying the sand around, the sand will stick to your lipgloss and leave you feeling uncomfortable all day. 

Let your guests know that you support laid-back attire on your invitations that you send out before your big day. Speak it over with your significant other to decide if you want that to mean sundresses and cargo shorts or something a little fancier. Giving the guests an insight into the dress code will prepare them for what to expect and make sure they are comfortable for the day. This laid-back attire is perfect to pair with a delicious and laid-back meal like pit beef catering. 

  1. Nature’s Noise

Inevitably, your wedding day will not be silent while on a waterfront. Embrace the sounds of crashing waves, birds chirping, and anything else that comes along the way. To make sure that your guests will be able to hear your vows and the officiant, use a professional sound system. It could be challenging to work out a sound system on the beach but speak with the venue or professionals to find out if there is a way to work it out. You can also rent or buy a wireless microphone and speaker to do away with any of the cords or outlets needed. 

  1. Gifts for Guests

Even though it is your wedding day, you’ll want to make sure your guests are happy and comfortable. If you plan on a destination beach wedding, put together a welcome bag for each guest that includes travel necessities such as travel-sized toiletries and an itinerary of the day, week, or however long the stay will be. If you are going with an outdoor wedding, add a pair of personalized sunglasses on top of each chair at the ceremony to ensure the sun’s rays are not in the way of guests seeing you on your special day.

  1. Innovative Decor 
wedding decor
Use the chairs at your venue to add a pop of color that matches your theme or color scheme.

A waterfront wedding is a stunning venue to start with, but there are innovative and simple ways to add your style to the day. Use custom chair covers to bring out the palette of your theme, or go all out on a custom beach bar. Building a one-of-a-kind bar and adding in your go-to alcoholic drinks or creating custom drinks for your guests can be a unique experience. Take advantage of the water and incorporate it into your decorations with sailor’s knots as boutineers or use shells as centerpieces for the tables. 

  1. Color Scheme

Instead of going all out on a theme for your big day, choose a color scheme to have fun with the decorations. For example, a simple, elegant beach wedding could use ivory and beige to make the blue color of the water pop. On the other hand, a coral and navy theme can be used in a casual setting while sneaking in the feminine side of the pink and masculine side of the navy into the venue. 

An outdoor waterfront wedding is charming on its own but can be taken to the next level with the catering, decorations, and attire. Pit beef catering can be an exciting addition to the day and leave your guests feeling satisfied and ready to party all night long! Contact us today for a free quote to add delicious barbeque meats or upscale dining to your wedding day.

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