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June 18, 2021

7 Tips for Keeping Your Guests Cool During Your Summer Wedding

7 Tips for Keeping Your Guests Cool During Your Summer Wedding

Unfortunately, controlling the weather on your wedding day is impossible. Whether you want your special day to be outside because you love nature, have a connection to the outdoors, or are having the best BBQ Maryland has to offer, the heat should never take away from the big day. It can be sweltering and humid in the summer months, but that shouldn’t stop you from having the wedding day of your dreams. Take a look at these seven ways to make sure your guests are staying as cool as possible so they can enjoy your day too. 

7 Ways to Keep Guests Cool While Enjoying Your Outdoor Summer Wedding and Eating Delicious BBQ in Maryland

    1. Opting for BBQ Catering

on-site BBQ

Barbeque is a classic summertime meal that can be a unique twist from the typical chicken and steak wedding dishes. The Smokehouse Grill is one of the best BBQ caterers in Maryland, and the meal is prepped on-site with a smokehouse outdoors. Not only can you decide on a casual buffet station or an upscale plated meal, but your guests will also be able to see exactly how their food is being prepared with fresh and local ingredients. On-site BBQ catering allows your friends and family to take their minds off of the sweltering heat while they watch their incredible meal cooked in front of them—WITHOUT heating up an indoor venue while cooking. 

   2. Hand Out Fans at the Ceremony

basket of fans
Image courtesy of Weddingomania.

A fun way to make sure your guests stay cool all day is to provide them with a fan or parasol that they can use for the entire day. You can customize a personal fan with your name and wedding date so that friends and family can have a piece of the day forever. Parasols are light umbrellas that can give each person shade and can be an added decorative piece when the parasols are in your wedding colors. 

     3. Have Shaded Lounge Areas

lounge area
Image courtesy of Town & Country.

Use small pop-up-style tents or large umbrellas to create spaces for your guests to sit down, relax, and enjoy the shade. Add lounge furniture or simple chairs and tables underneath the shaded areas to allow guests to catch their breath from the heat. These work perfectly for the cocktail hour so friends and family can prepare for the night of dancing ahead. 

     4. Serve Ice Water And Refreshing Beverages As Often As Possible

drink station
Image courtesy of Inside Weddings.

If it’s possible, have servers constantly available to hand out ice water to friends and family. These basic cups of water can even match your wedding colors with a glass that matches your theme and adding lemon, lime, or a decorative flower. If you are holding a more informal wedding, have bottles of water stocked at the bar, buffet, or in coolers at the venue. Another great option is to gift guests with a personalized reusable water bottle they can use throughout the day. The bottles will leave less waste, keep everyone hydrated, and be an adorable gift for guests to take home.

    5. Select the Coolest Time of Day

outdoor wedding at night
Image courtesy of Ties.

To keep everyone from burning up during those hot months, try to schedule the wedding for the coolest time of the day. The time of day will be determined by the time of year, so it’s vital to decide on the month before deciding on the time of day. In most cases, the early morning or late evenings are the best times to avoid the sun at its peak. Try to research the weather for your location as far out as you can so you can do your best to predict the weather for your day. Although the weather is quite unpredictable, decide on a day during one of the cooler summer months to stay out of the extreme heat.

    6. Book a Venue With Shade

wedding in a park
Image courtesy of 30a Wedding Co.

Before locking in your venue, consider what the weather will be like on your wedding day. Try to pinpoint where you will be able to guide guests to find shade. A park will usually have lots of trees to block direct sunlight, for example. If there are no shaded areas at the venue, try to set up tents or umbrellas. Keep in mind that the shade may affect the areas you will find natural light in for wedding photos. Visit the venue with your photographer ahead of time to plan out the perfect photo-ready places. 

    7. Remind Guests of the Heat

wedding guests standing
Image courtesy of Turn Style.

For most weddings, guests will feel obligated to wear their fanciest attire — which sometimes means uncomfortable and heavy. Make a note on the save the date or invitation that guests can throw that idea out the window. It may be best to provide them with suggestions to make sure they are as prepared as possible. For example, on your invitation, add a short blurb that says something along the lines of, “Be mindful of our outdoor celebration when choosing clothing and footwear.” Let them know to avoid heavy clothes that are made of materials such as leather, nylon, or polyester. Instead, they should wear loose-fitting clothing made from materials like cotton, denim, or linen.

    8. Reserve an Ice Cream Cart

icecream cart
Image courtesy of Wheely Good Ice Cream.

Who can say no to ice cream, especially during the brutal heat? Renting an ice cream cart or even an entire ice cream truck is an exciting way to ensure everyone stays cool. Providing ice cream can be adjusted to any venue or budget. Whether you are renting out an ice cream truck for the night or setting up an ice cream sundae bar, your guests will be satisfied and cool with this sweet treat. 

It can be a struggle to search for the perfect way to keep your guests cool at your outdoor summer wedding, but there are endless options to make sure everyone enjoys the day. From personal fans to ice cream carts, your friends and family can stay comfortable from the top of the ceremony down to the serving of the best BBQ Maryland has to offer. Maryland is a beautiful place, and The Smokehouse Grill can assist you in creating the most incredible wedding experience. There are endless options with an extensive catering menu, on-site cooking, full-service bar catering, and wedding planning. Contact us today to get started on your incredible outdoor summer wedding!

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