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September 14, 2021

6 Must-Haves on Your Wedding Website

From the wedding venue in Delaware to the recommended attire, here is what you should include on your wedding website.

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Wedding websites are becoming extremely popular, and they are the perfect way to answer any questions your guests may have about your special day. For example, you can include the address of the wedding venue in Delaware, the food your guests should expect to eat, the time of the ceremony, and more. Creating a custom wedding website can even be free and relatively simple to develop. Of course, you and your significant other can design the website to include your wedding colors and photos of yourselves, but there are a few categories that you should make sure to have on your wedding website.

6 Things You Need to Include on Your Wedding Website

      1. The Delaware Wedding Venue

wedding venue at night
Image courtesy of Weddings at Baywood.

One of the most essential things your guests will need to know about is the location. You need to include the address of the wedding venue in Delaware along with the hotel or lodging accommodations you may have for guests. If you have arranged any hotel blocks or a recommended hotel for out-of-town guests, it’s important to let them know. Along with the hotel recommendation, include any transportation you have arranged — scheduled car service, party bus, etc. 

If you have guests coming from out of town, they’ll also appreciate any more details you can include about the timing of the day. Some weddings will have downtime for guests to head back to the hotel to hang out, and others will not, so it’s important to let your guests know when you expect the ceremony, happy hour, and reception to start and end. Another unique touch is to add any recommendations for sight seeing or local eateries. This information will help out-of-town guests get the most out of visiting your city and creating a memorable experience.

         2. Recommended Attire and Guest Expectations

guests at a wedding
Image courtesy of InStyle.

Don’t forget that your guests will need to plan ahead for your wedding, so you should be as detailed as possible about what they should expect. On your website, let them know if they should be dressing in cocktail attire, formal outfits, or downright casual. Along with the clothing they should be wearing, including any examples you can about the dress code. Some ideas of formal may not be the same as yours, so it’s important to be specific. Also, make note if guests should expect to walk on the grass so that the woman can plan to wear the right heels. 

           3. Include the Menu and Dietary Restrictions

wedding menu
Image courtesy of Wedding Wire.

On your wedding invitation, you may have included the food options for guests to select, but including it on the website is a must-have so that guests can keep in mind what to expect. Let them know if there will be any appetizers during happy hour or an estimated time that the main meal will be served. If it’s possible, include a menu of the dinner and any dietary restrictions. Add contact information for you or your wedding planner if anyone needs special accommodations regarding the menu. Everyone loves to know what kind of food they should be expecting, so a whole section of your website should be the food. Along with the food menu, let guests know if you are having a cash or open bar. If you have a cash bar, they will know that they should come prepared with money in their pocket. 

          4. You and Your Significant Other’s Love Story

wedding love story website page
Image courtesy of WithJoy.

If you are inviting a large number of guests, they might not all know about how you and your significant other met and fell in love. Adding a section about your love story is a special personal touch that allows the guests to connect with you and get excited about the day. You can share the exact moment you locked eyes, what you both are doing for a living now, what hobbies you enjoy, and anything else you feel is important. Keep in mind that people probably won’t want to read a novel on your wedding website, so keep it short and sweet. 

          5. Add Registry Information

Image courtesy of Wix Help Center.

Most people have heard that adding the registry information is not something you should include on your invitation, but your website is the perfect place. You can include a direct link to any of the stores you are registered to, making it easy for guests to search around and directly buy something. If you choose to request donations or money for your honeymoon fund, add a few sentences explaining why you would rather have cash than a physical gift. 

          6. Where to Create Your Website

wedding website home page
Image courtesy of Zyro.

Now that you have a few ideas on what to include on your website, you need to know where to build and design it. Choosing a simple platform for you to use and easy for your guests to navigate is crucial. Platforms are abundant, and it can be overwhelming to decide which is right for you. Here are a few of the most popular:

Your wedding website is much more than a formality — it’s the main space for guests to find information about your special day. You must make sure you include the food and drink menu, registry information, and the wedding venue in Delaware. If you are just beginning your wedding planning process and are searching for a place to build your website and the food you should be serving, The Smokehouse Grill offers everything from upscale meals to a casual BBQ buffet. With full-service catering and rentals for your convenience, this part of your wedding planning will be a breeze. Contact The Smokehouse Grill today to receive a free quote and more information about our menu and options.

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