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November 5, 2021

5 Tips to Incorporate the Winter Holidays into Your Wedding

5 Tips to Incorporate the Winter Holidays into Your Wedding

It’s that time of year again — the holidays! The holiday season is an incredibly popular time to get married and many couples wonder — how can I incorporate the magic of the holiday season into my wedding? Luckily, we’re here to offer some suggestions of how you can plan the perfect holiday wedding. We’ve got you covered from finding the perfect decor and lighting to cocktails and catering in Maryland. Let's get in the holiday spirit and start looking at some of the most unique and memorable ways to bring some seasonal cheer to your wedding day. 

Serve Up Some Seasonal Treats

Celebrate the holiday season and your special day with custom catering in Maryland

gourmet s'mores bar with wooden sticks

For lots of people, the absolute best part of the holiday season is the food. That’s why we’re getting started today with some excellent holiday-themed desserts. Be sure to coordinate with your caterer in Maryland while planning your holiday theme so they can prepare for your custom desserts.

Some of the most popular desserts for winter holiday themed weddings are s’mores and hot chocolate. These warm and tasty desserts are sure to make your wedding stand out. You can even make a spiked hot chocolate with bourbon as part of your after dinner bar. 

Showcase Your Favorite Holiday Cocktails 

Bring your a holiday-themed reception to life with the help of top-tier catering in Maryland

holiday hot cocktail surrounded by table decorations
Choose a few familiar holiday cocktails that fit perfectly with your theme.

The reception bar is one of the most frequented locations at any wedding, which makes it the perfect place to showcase your holiday theme. You can bring lights and other wintery decorations to add a personal touch to your reception bar. When it comes to wedding personalization, what speaks to you is probably the right way to go. You can also call to see what your catering in Maryland recommends to bring for bar decorations.

Moving on from the decorations, let’s start talking about holiday-themed cocktails. As we mentioned before, a spiked hot chocolate is a sure fire crowd pleaser for dessert. But what about before dinner cocktails? For your cocktail hour we recommend serving mulled wine or mulled cider to your guests. Not interested in warm drinks — not to worry! Why not give your guests the option of a holiday themed Moscow mule, A.K.A. a Yule mule. Now that we’ve got drinks covered, let’s move on to the overall wedding decor. 

Use Holiday Colors as Part of Your Wedding

Your color palette is the key to your holiday theme

blue and pale pink wedding decor with flowers and candles
Red and green aren't the only colors you can use for your holiday wedding.

When you are planning your wedding, your signature colors are one of the first things you should finalize. Your wedding colors will determine the colors of everything from the tablecloths to your wedding party’s attire. When you are planning your holiday wedding colors, you should choose at least a few seasonal colors even if they aren’t a part of your main color palette. For example, adding gold as an accent color is a great way to make any ceremony look a little bit more festive. Some other colors you can consider are the obvious — green and red — but you can also try colors like silver and blue to give your wedding a wintery feel. 

Your color palette is typically one of the first wedding planning details that gets chosen. It sets the stage for every detail to come, from decor to fashion. Selecting colors like white, red, emerald green, and gold are sure to add a simple, festive vibe to your big day. 

Set an Expectation with Your Invitation

When you lead with a festive wedding invitation, your guests can arrive on theme

holiday wedding invitation example
Use your invitation to give your guests a good idea of your theme. Image courtesy of Plum Polka Dot.

Now that you’ve chosen your color palette, you can start thinking about the invitations. Your invitations provide more information about your wedding than just the date and menu. By featuring your wedding colors on the invitations, your guests will be able to dress in theme. So, if your chosen colors are white and gold, you should make those colors the most prominent ones on your invitation. That way, your guests can plan their outfits and set their expectations for your holiday themed ceremony. 

Choose Decor That Elevates Your Theme

Use your decorations and custom signs to show off your love for the holiday season

wedding photo opportunity reception bar decorations
Wreaths are a great addition to any holiday wedding.

As you’re designing the look of your wedding and reception, you want it to visually represent your and your spouse. To accurately represent you and your relationship, you should aim to personalize your venue as much as possible. Here are a few ideas to help get you started planning your wedding decorations:

  • Personalized welcome signs
  • Twinkling lights
  • Ornaments
  • Festive centerpieces
  • Decorated trees
  • Themed wreaths

Choose a few of these elements to include in your festive ceremony — or you can use them all to really show your love for the holiday season.

If you are looking for a catering in Maryland to help you bring your winter holiday themed wedding to life, look no further than The Smokehouse Grill. We’ll help you customize your venue for your guests and help you design your perfect menu and reception. Contact The Smokehouse Grill today and we’ll help you turn your dream wedding into a reality.

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