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April 8, 2021

5 Tips for Your Unconventional Wedding

Unique Fashion, Pit Beef Catering, and More for Your Non-Traditional Wedding Celebration

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Usually, weddings can be extremely traditional and feel very formulaic, and many couples are looking to shake things up! Planning your unconventional wedding to showcase your and your partner’s personalities can include creative decorations, an exciting theme, and even tasty food. Making pit beef catering a part of your wedding day will give your guests something to look forward to and remember long after the day is over. How else can you plan your special day to be not only a great party but meaningful to you and your partner? Check out these 5 tips! 

5 Unique Wedding Ideas for Your Unconventional Celebration 

  1. Pit Beef Catering: The Unique Catering Option
chicken being cooked on a grill
On-site BBQ catering is a great and delicious way to make your wedding stand out.

What’s more fun than on-site BBQ catering at your wedding? Pit beef catering will take your wedding to the next level! With options of pulled pork, BBQ chicken, Smokehouse pit beef, BBQ sides, and more, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Getting to watch your meal be cooked in front of your eyes is unmatched, and will crank your wedding up a notch! An unconventional wedding needs a meal that catches everyone’s eye and leaves them wanting the night to last forever. 

  1. Change Up The Wedding Ceremony
man and woman laughing while holding iPad
It can be difficult to have all of your loved ones in the same place for your wedding, so consider holding a virtual ceremony until you are able to celebrate in person.

When it comes to the wedding ceremony, most times there is a straightforward order to things that happen, which doesn’t always need to be the case. An unconventional wedding starts at the ceremony and ends at the reception! Some grooms decide to dance down the aisle, make their dogs the ring bearer, or incorporate jokes in their wedding vows. Adding the bride and groom’s personalities into the ceremony not only makes it much more exciting but also makes it meaningful. 

If we have learned anything from the pandemic, it is that technology has some incredible power. If you and your partner are struggling to gather all of your friends and family together for an in-person ceremony, consider holding one virtually. When you are able to gather everyone together, you can plan a celebration! Having a party to celebrate your and your partner’s love at a beautiful venue with amazing food, like the pit beef catering, will just give you a second chance to take it all in. 

  1. Set a Unique Theme For Your Wedding
candles on top of a palm leaf as a centerpiece on a table. Wine glasses, plates, and silverware surround the centerpiece

Some weddings have colors they base their theme on and others plan theirs off of the venue’s location, but who says it has to be either of those? Setting a theme that means more to you and your significant other can make the day a whole lot more thrilling! Using the theme to set the tone for the decorations, flowers, venue, and even attire can make your wedding into a costume party at the same time. Having your guests dress up in ways that reflect their Harry Potter house or in their best 1920’s get-up to match The Great Gatsby can bring everyone together and be a great conversation starter. 

  1. Stray Away From The Traditional Wedding Dress
A young girl with beautiful dress

To go along with creating a theme for a wedding, that can even include the bride and groom’s clothing! Taking the traditional white wedding dress and replacing it with something that matches the bride’s personality will make her look even more beautiful. Another way to go about it is to keep the traditional white wedding dress in the ceremony portion, but change into something else for the reception. The reception is where you will be eating and dancing the night away, so it’s important to be comfortable and happy with what you’ve got on! 

It can also be fun to play with the groom’s suit and add unconventional pieces. The groom could decide to deviate away from the black suit altogether and go for something funky, or he could keep the black suit and choose a tie that suits his personality or the theme of the wedding. Clothing is something that should allow you to express yourself, and your wedding day shouldn’t change that!

  1. Make It A Surprise
couple holding each other surrounded by greenery
Making your wedding a surprise can be a fun way to hold your ceremony. Don’t forget to hire a photographer to catch the reactions of your friends and family!

If the stress of planning a wedding is something that overwhelms you, an option could be throwing that idea out the window to plan a surprise wedding instead. Bring everyone you love together without telling them that there will be a wedding, maybe to a nice brunch, and hire a secret officiant that is in on the surprise. 

Once everyone is together, let everyone in on the secret! You can unveil the wedding by sitting everyone down and letting them know or have a more creative way to break the news. Make sure that even though it is a surprise, plan to have photographs of the moment. You will be able to capture the moment you let your friends and family know the surprise and everything that follows. 

The most important part about a wedding is showcasing the love that the bride and groom have together, and the best way to do that is to add their personalities to the planning. Changing up the ceremony and attire will create an entertaining environment for you and your guests, but the most important part is having food that will be remembered forever. If you are searching for an unconventional way to add pit beef catering to your wedding day or would like to take an upscale approach, The Smokehouse Grill will have you covered. Make sure to contact us for a free quote on our affordable and flexible catering services.

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