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February 3, 2020

5 Delaware State Park Venues for the Perfect Pinterest Wedding

The Smokehouse Grill - The Leader in Catering in Delaware - Presents a Complete Breakdown of the Perfect State Park Wedding

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We’ve all seen the flawlessly executed outdoor weddings flooding our feed on social media. The Smokehouse Grill, experienced experts in catering in Delaware, is here to guide you through the main question on your mind; how do you achieve such an elegant wedding atmosphere? The Smokehouse Grill is here to share some of the State Parks in Delaware and tips for making your special day as dreamy as you imagine it.

State Park Venues Ideal for Easy Set-Up, Beautiful Photos and Delicious Catering in Delaware

Brandywine State Park

autumn day at brandywine creek state park
Photo by zwzzjim

Brandywine Creek State Park is a beautiful venue for a wedding during any season. In addition to the set-up that The Smokehouse Grill can provide you, there are also pavilions and picnic areas that can be reserved. The pavilion is able to hold 120 guests and the picnic area is available for 60 guests. At this location, the two guest areas are in close proximity to one another, perfect for additional guest space or activities. Known for its open fields and stunning water features, the park is a hotspot for wedding photos due to its lush fields and wildflowers, deep forests and rolling hills. Brandywine Creek State Park is perfect for divine wedding pictures you’re sure to cherish forever.

Trap Pond State Park

reflective lake with trees in the fall
Image Source: Bring Fido

Trap Pond State Park is another hidden gem for your Delaware state park wedding. The venue improves any event by surrounding your guests with fairytale forests that would be ideal for rustic wedding decor. There are three pavilions available for rent at this park. Cypress Point Pavillion holds 175, making it the largest of the three. To follow, The Screened Pavilion has a capacity of 150 and last but not least, the Open Pavilion hosts around 75. The beautiful scenery also goes perfectly with white tents and classic chairs from The Smokehouse Grill, the leader in wedding catering in Delaware, who can set up reception areas in open spaces.

White Clay Creek State Park

bridge in white clay creek stay park
Photographer: Eric Carter

White Clay Creek State Park is a breathtakingly scenic venue for any special occasion. With beautiful photography locations like the one pictured above, this venue is the perfect place for your wedding ceremony, reception, or photos. At this location, there is one pavilion with the ability to host 150 guests. The pavilion is not located near the water, but in a grassy area surrounded by trees that provides shade during the hot Delaware summers. This venue’s initial cost for a pavilion is starting at only $140 per day - that’s a lot of money to be saved; this leaves room in your budget for delicious catering in Delaware, decor, and more.

Holts Landing State Park

couple at wedding in woods
Sourced from: Wedding Spot

Holt’s Landing State Park is the venue in the closest proximity to the shore out of all 5 parks that made the list. There is a wide variety of different landscapes here perfect for any style wedding for your personal style. You could find yourself like the couple above surrounded by stunning lights in the midst of the forest. There are also spaces located in grassy fields and by the bay. While the selection is limited pavilion wise, there is always the ability to expand the size of the guest list by renting more tents and tables from The Smokehouse Grill: experts in catering in Delaware. You can’t go wrong with this venue!

Cape Henlopen

Cape Henlopen coastline

Have you always wanted a beach wedding? If so, you’ve got to check out Cape Henlopen. This beautiful park is located right along the coast. Out of all of the state parks to make the list, Cape Henlopen takes the cake for having the largest pavilion size; 222 guests are able to be hosted at this pavilion. Hearing the waves as the soundtrack of your wedding day could be exactly what you need. Keep in mind that this venue, as well as the other ones, is starting at only one-hundred and forty dollars per day. Saving on a venue could really pay off in the end.

Wedding Decor Tips for Your Delaware State Park Wedding

Incorporating Nature

wedding cake with flowers on it

Small details add up when it comes to wedding decor! Incorporating your venue back into your decor will create a cohesive style like no other. Whether your style is bohemian, rustic, or classic, you’re sure to catch the attention of your guests by using your venue to inspire you.

Integrate Your Style

woman making loral bouquets

Adding your own touches to your wedding day brings something to the table that no one else has. One easy way to show off your style in a stress-free way is by creating your own bouquet! While this task may seem daunting, it is a fairly simple process. There are only a few things you need: floral tape, shears, bouquet pins and wrapping, a variety of flowers and fillers, and clean up supplies. 

Adding Flare

baby's breath lining center aisle at a wedding
Photo by Kaysen Photography

Small touches go a long way. Floral decorations can incorporate both your style and the wedding venue together. The rustic decor photographed above brings everything about this wedding full circle and ties it together nicely. There are so many ways to make your outdoor wedding a whimsical event. Flower walls, drapes, centerpieces, and even real flower crowns are all beautiful ways to spruce up your event. Not to mention, the above photo was actually taken in our number 4 spot, Holts Landing State Park

Wedding Photography Ideas

man kissing woman's forehead in grassy field
Photography by Jennifer Nilsson

What is the best way to incorporate your venue into your wedding photos?

  • Use foliage to frame your photographs
  • Take photographs at the times of the day that the sun is not as harsh
  • Make use of flowers and decorations as pops of color in the background
  • Think outside of the box and look for locations that may not be as apparent
  • Use the greenery to show a Bokeh effect for clean and professional photos every time

Ensuring That Your Vendors Match Your Style

When planning your wedding, perhaps one of the most challenging aspects is choosing your vendors. Be sure to research and look at the portfolios of all of the vendors you may be considering -- even if they were recommended by a friend. When choosing your photographer, florist, and catering in Delaware, be sure to take your time and find the vendor that works for your budget and theme. Searching for the perfect vendors may be a grueling process, but so worth it in the end.

Delaware has a wide range of beautiful State Park venues that would be perfect for your wedding day. Get in touch with the Smokehouse Grill today for catering in Delaware State Park locations and more.

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