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May 6, 2021

5 Crowd-Pleasing Summer Wedding Trends for 2021

Here are various wedding trends to incorporate into your big day at wedding venues in Maryland during 2021.

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While 2020 put a roadblock into everyone’s plans and especially in weddings, 2021 weddings are making their comeback. We have recently seen a shake-up in what a traditional wedding may look like, and this won’t be stopping any time soon. Take a look into 5 of the top-rated wedding trends for 2021 that we believe combine well with the beautiful setting you’ll find at wedding venues in Maryland.

5 Summer 2021 Wedding Trends to Incorporate into the Top-Rated Wedding Venues in Maryland 

  1. Sustainability 
groom table setting
Design sustainable table settings with recyclable products.

Sustainability isn’t a trend just for weddings. Everyone is becoming more and more aware of their carbon footprint. Taking steps to make your wedding sustainable isn’t just trendy — you are also helping out the environment. If you and your partner are always working towards being environmentally friendly, adding sustainability into your theme can be fun to show something you both love to do. With digital invitations and virtual parties, it’s not too hard to make these simple changes. When scouting out wedding venues in Maryland, consider speaking with their employees to determine if they participate in any sustainability efforts. If not, brainstorm ways to make the area more sustainable if possible for your day. 

  1. Statement Wedding Dresses
groom kissing bride
Image courtesy of Unconventional Wedding.

Because most people stayed inside most of 2020, many people are taking significant risks with their fashion choices this year. Wedding dresses in 2020 were leaning more towards fashion-forward, but 2021 dresses are now becoming statement dresses. Changing up the classic white to fun colors and patterns, bold patterns, and trendy cuts are a few ways brides are taking risks. 

Statement wedding dresses are not all about taking the risk — it’s more about adding your personality. Show off who you are on your big day with a dress that shows everyone who you are. If you want to stick with the traditional white gown, switch up your shoes to something that shows your style.

  1. Backyard/Outdoor Weddings
outdoor wedding
Change your backyard into the most beautiful wedding venue for your special day.

If the home is where the heart is, why not have your wedding there too? Everyone has found new and creative ways to take advantage of the space they have in their home, and backyard parties will be making their comeback in 2021. An outdoor wedding is not only gorgeous, but it is a highly safe option. 

Maybe you are trying to save money by holding your wedding in your backyard, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than incredible. Consider reinventing your backyard with beautiful lighting, extravagant flowers, and elegant table decorations. 

  1. City Hall Weddings
intimate wedding
2021 is the year for small weddings with only those extremely close to the bride and groom.

With many couples opting for the more intimate wedding setting, there will be a surge in city hall weddings. In 2021, many couples will choose to have a small ceremony and a large reception or a micro-wedding, which is 30 or fewer guests. A guest list of a few family and friends that couples just cannot live without will be a big trend with these smaller weddings. This allows the bride and groom to spend more quality time with each person present and saves on costs. Wedding venues in Maryland will be able to accommodate small and large wedding guest lists. 

  1. Insane Entertainment
Everyone is looking for a fun way to spend 2021, add exciting entertainment to your wedding to keep the party going.

Netflix and Hulu were our primary entertainment sources in 2020, so everyone is itching for parties, live music, and human interaction. Weddings in 2021 may still have limited people on dancefloors at a time, depending on restrictions at the time, but there are other ways to keep the party going. Hire a large band or an incredible DJ, or even change it up altogether with comedians, illusionists, magicians, or aerialists. These are ways for you to make sure all of your guests will be staying safe and still having the time of their lives. Whatever the size is of your wedding, everyone is excited to get out of the house and have a fun night. Entertainment will not be a place to skimp out on in 2021. 

Weddings in 2021 will be some of the most fun we have had in the past year, and the trends are just a small sign of this. Whether you are trying to step out of your comfort zone or keep the traditional vibe, there are trends that you can incorporate into your wedding day this year. Take your wedding up a notch with a delicious catering menu from The Smokehouse Grill. Contact us today for more information on our menu and what wedding venues in Maryland we recommend.

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