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October 21, 2019

12 Budget-Friendly Tips for Your Upcoming Holiday Party

Tips from a Caterer in Maryland for Hosting a Fun and Cost-Efficient Holiday Party

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The holidays are the time for a jolly celebration with friends and family. As the holiday season quickly approaches, you begin the feel the financial strain that comes with the holidays, including gift-buying, end-of-year expenses, and higher heating bills. However, the increased cost fo the holidays shouldn’t keep you from celebrating the season. At Smokehouse Grill, we know how important it is for you to celebrate the holidays on a budget, which is why we’re here to break down 12 budget-friendly tips for your upcoming holiday party. From hiring an affordable caterer in Maryland for food, making crowd-pleasing drinks, and cost-effective decor, Smokehouse Grill has all the tips you need for making this year’s holiday party memorable without breaking the bank.

Affordable Food from a Caterer in Maryland

Price-Effective Solutions for Feeding the Hungry Holiday Crowd

people at table of a christmas party

There are a variety of ways to feed the guests at your upcoming holiday party. However, not all of them are cost-effective or fit into your busy schedule during this time of year. That’s why the best way to do holiday party catering is through a caterer in Maryland. A leader among caterers in Maryland is Smokehouse Grill: the delicious and affordable option for everything from casual to upscale fare. Fill your menu with a delicious assortment of appetizers, tasty entrees, BBQ selections, and fresh seafood that are sure to delight your guests. In addition to scrumptious catering for groups of all sizes, Smokehouse Grill offers liquor packages for as little as $4 per hour per guest.

Want to take your catering up a notch? Consider a side dish or appetizer potluck. Invite your guests to bring a dish to share to complement the main course from the Smokehouse Grill. From specialty tips for fun Christmas-themed snacks, your guests won’t mind pitching in with a recipe of their own.

For dessert, try styling your traditional cookie exchange like a Pittsburgh-inspired cookie table! Have guests bring their favorite cookie recipe to share, supplying reusable Tupperware, bags, or paper containers to take home your favorites. This not only is a cost-effective dessert option but saves you (and all your guests) plenty of time in baking an assortment of holiday cookies.

Holiday-Inspired Drinks (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic)

If you choose to forego or supplement affordable alcohol packages from a caterer in Maryland, try out these three fun and festive recipes for seasonally-inspired beverages.

green party punch

Non-Alcoholic Grinch Punch

Perfect for a family-friendly gathering, Grinch Punch (recipe and photo courtesy of Simplistically Living) is the alcohol-free punch that will make your guests’ hearts grow three-times in size. Made with Kool-aid, Sprite, and other juices, this bright green juice is finished with a bright-red sugar rim for the ultimate festive feel.

 christmas party sangria

christmas party

Cranberry Orange Sangria

Cranberries and oranges are the classic fruits of the season, and this delicious sangria recipe (courtesy of Taste of Home) brings those two flavors together in a simple, crowd-pleasing sangria. Use discount wine brands for this sangria and enhance your beverage with fresh fruit and a touch of orange liquor for this seasonal favorite.

 christmas party bailey's cocktail

Peppermint Bailey Christmas Cocktail

This simple cocktail brings out one of the most beloved flavors of the season: peppermint. Combining Bailey Irish Cream, peppermint vodka, and ice gives you this crowd-pleasing recipe (courtesy of What’s Cooking Good Looking) and plenty of holiday flavors to go around.

Affordable Holiday Party Themes & Decor

Ugly Sweater Holiday Parties

ugly sweater  christmas party
Source: https://www.treehugger.com/sustainable-fashion/dont-rush-out-buy-new-ugly-christmas-sweater.html

The most simple, festive, and affordable Holiday Party theme is the ugly sweater party. Guest all come donning their favorite, most-atrocious holiday sweater (or other holiday clothing) for a party full of laughs and goofy pictures. Crown the ugliest sweater with a special holiday crown or another prize to up the stakes.

Hot Cocoa Bar

 christmas party hot cocoa bar

An affordable and festive holiday party idea that makes it look like you put a lot of time into planning is a hot cocoa bar! Prepare a thermos or crockpot of standard hot chocolate with tiny bowls of crushed candy canes, marshmallows, peanut butter chips, and more. On the table, place decorative straws, whipped cream, and an alcoholic mix-in for the adults and allow your guests to craft the perfect hot chocolate.

Low-Cost Party Decor

christmas tree

It doesn’t take much to make a holiday party look and feel festive, making it one of the best parties to host on a budget. Liven up your space with classic decor like red, white, and green streamers, strings of light, tinsel, paper chains and snowflakes, and other quick party-store materials. Take nearly any food to the next level with red and green food coloring, or simply have your holiday tree on display for a simple and cost-effective holiday feel.

Holiday Party Gifts and Favors

Festive & Affordable Treats for Your Party with a Caterer in Maryland

 christmas party favors, chocolate pretzels
Source: https://houseofnasheats.com/chocolate-covered-pretzel-rods/

The best way to celebrate the season of giving at your party is with a quick and simple gift exchange. Depending on your group, choose a gift exchange type that fits your personalities and budget, sharing fun and quirky gifts with one another. Your guests will love your fun twist on the gift-giving tradition that has a fun and laid-back feel.

When it comes to party favors, this can be done on a budget too! Wrap up festive chocolate covered pretzels, give your guests homemade ornaments, or create a cookie in a jar favor for them to take home for the final sweet reminder of a great holiday party.

Ready to plan the ultimate affordable holiday party? Get in touch with the Smokehouse Grill for help from a caterer in Maryland in pulling off the greatest holiday party ever.

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