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October 21, 2019

10 New Year’s Party Planning Ideas for 2020

Enjoy Bar Service Catering, Festive Decor, and More When Ringing in 2020

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A new year brings 365 (or this year, 366) new opportunities to grow, learn, love, and explore. There’s no better way to celebrate these new opportunities than with a New Year’s party surrounded by loved ones. While wrapping up 2019 with laughs, shared memories, and a toast or two, you want to impress your party guests with delicious food, great decor, and plenty of drinks to go around -- but planning a new year’s party in the midst of the Holiday season can be a bit of a challenge. That’s why the Smokehouse Grill is here to help you iron out the details with ideas for a great menu, bar service catering, and plenty of festive ideas to take your new year’s party to the next level.

Planning a New Year’s Party Menu

Invite Your Guests to Enjoy Delicious BBQ or Upscale Catering in Maryland

women dining on catering in maryland

The most important aspect of any party is undoubtedly the food. You want a menu that wows and delights your guests with an array of flavors without breaking the bank. One possible solution is doing all the cooking on your own, but with Christmas and Thanksgiving still under your nose, you’re just about cooked-out. The Smokehouse Grill is a leader in catering in Maryland offering an assortment of casual and upscale menu items designed to fit your budget, providing the perfect solution for throwing a great New Year’s party.

Whether you’re looking for a collection of passed appetizers, tasty entrees, or a casual grab-and-go buffet, Smokehouse Grill has you covered. With an extensive menu that includes shrimp cocktail, bacon-wrapped scallops, slow-roasted prime rib, filet mignon, luck pork dishes, and even BBQ meats, Smokehouse Grill can help craft a menu that satisfies your needs, you guests’ appetites, and your budget.

Should I Utilize Bar Service Catering?

Why Bar Service Catering Keeps NYE Celebrations Fun, Safe, & Affordable

toasting with bar service catering

As one of the busiest drinking holidays of the year, you can expect that your guests are ready to sip on a drink throughout the night. As a host, knowing that your guests will be drinking can be the root of a lot of stress and pressure. Not only do you want to make sure that everyone has something they can drink, but you know that you are responsible for any alcohol-related incidents that occur with your guests when you are serving alcohol. While you want to keep your guests happy and safe, it can feel awkward to cut off guests who have had too much to drink, putting you and several others in an odd predicament. How can you avoid this? Utilize bar service catering from Smokehouse Grill.

Bar service catering takes this weight off your shoulders with licensed and certified bartenders who are educated on the warning signs of potential alcohol emergencies. These bartenders keep your guests safe and allow you to relax and celebrate with peace of mind.

Additionally, bar service catering is more affordable than you may think. Available for as little as $4 per guest per hour, your guests can drink and celebrate the night away on a budget. Best of all, this takes the guesswork out of the equation for you as a host and keeps you from over or under-purchasing alcohol for your guests.

New Year’s Eve Party Planning Ideas

Complement Tasty Food & Bar Service Catering with these Festive Party Ideas

New Year’s parties are all about celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another with those who you love. However, a lot of pressure and emphasis can be put on letting loose and having fun. The best way to start a conversation, create a fun atmosphere, or help people relax is with fun themes, favors and decorations. Check out some of our favorite ideas for getting festive:

NYE Balloons

New year's eve balloons

One of the easiest ways to liven up your decor is with a collection of balloons. Use white, black, gold, and silver balloons to decorate your home or venue -- and don’t be afraid to get creative! Guests love all that is bright and sparkly on New Year’s Eve, making it easy to decorate with sophisticated sparkle on a budget. Finish your balloons off with a fun banner for the perfect New Year’s Even decor.

1920 → 2020: A Gatsby NYE

woman in flapper outfit

Celebrate in style this New Year’s Eve with a Great Gatsby-themed evening. A century later, your guests will love the 1920s decor filled with pearls, boas, feathers, and speakeasy-style decor. Additionally, this theme leaves plenty of room for fun decor and an opportunity to get a little risque in the new year.

Start the Conversation with 2019 Card Games

New year's eve card game

If you’re inviting a group of guests who may not know one another very well, start the conversation with a card game that invites guests to start conversations about the best parts of 2019. Place a stack of cards with prompts about 2019 to help your guests mingle. Card ask about their happiest memories from 2019, most embarrassing moments, and their favorite pop culture references of the year.

Host a Murder Mystery

New year's eve murder mystery masks

For a change of pace, consider hosting a murder mystery New Year’s Party. This is best for smaller get-togethers with a highly-engaged group and is designed to give your guests a new year’s experience like no other. There are a number of free murder mystery themes to choose from, ensuring that your guests will have a ball all night long.

Ring in the New Year with Something Sweet

New year's eve cupcakes

To complement delicious food and bar service catering, charm your guests with easy champagne cupcakes. Easy enough for any level of baker, champagne cupcakes bring a light touch of bubbly to a traditional cupcake recipe, making for the perfect dessert to sweeten up the evening.

Go Green this Year with Eco-Friendly Straws

New year's eve straws

If your New Year’s Resolution involves doing your part to help the Earth, start with these fun and festive paper straws. Not only are these great for the earth, but add a cute festive flair to your event.

Luck in the Air with a Casino Night

New year's eve casino night decor

A fun and simple theme for your NYE party is hosting a Casino Night! Decorate with reds and blacks through your home or venue, dice and cards, and entertain guests with card games to play. The prizes throughout the night? Plenty to drink, laughter, and maybe a kiss at midnight.

Photowall & Props

New year's eve photo booth props

Hiring a photographer or renting a photo booth is overrated -- your guests have great cameras in their phones that do the trick. Create a DIY photo wall with plenty of fun props so your guests can share their evening of social media!

Ready to throw the ultimate New Year’s Party? Get in touch with the Smokehouse Grill now for great catering, bar service catering, and plenty of fun for ringing in 2020.

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