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October 7, 2020

10 Must-Haves For Barn Weddings in Maryland

Tips to personalize barn weddings in Maryland for a perfect wedding day

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Barn weddings continue to rise in popularity. There are so many options for venues, caterers, and decor for barn weddings in Maryland that sometimes it’s hard to narrow down your choices. When planning your wedding, pick what feels right for your day and for your guests. Need help getting started on wedding planning? Check out our tips to help you personalize your big day.

Perfect Venues for Barn Weddings in Maryland

For perfect barn weddings in Maryland, you must find the perfect venue for you. There are so many to choose from, but you have to weigh location, size, and the experience your guests will have. Here are some of our favorite venues for barn weddings in Maryland.

Country Setting: Kylan Barn

Kylan barn, photo via

In Delmar, Maryland, sits Kylan Barn, a beautiful barn venue that’s nestled on 35 acres of picturesque land. The barn itself is 3,400 square feet and can accommodate up to 243 guests. Completely handcrafted from natural wood, Kylan Barn is accented with chandeliers and gorgeous lighting. Your guests can enjoy the sunset on the two overhangs attached to the barn.

Luxury Boutique: Wildflower Estate

Bridal party in front of Wildflower Estate, photo via

For an intimate, boutique space, consider Wildflower Estate for your barn wedding. Accommodating up to 66 people for weddings, Wildflower Estate is a bright and romantic venue perfect for your big day. Though the venue may be limited to an intimate guest list, the high ceilings make the venue feel anything but small. The estate allows for 10 hours of event time and adds on an additional hour for rehearsal time. 

Romance in History: Worsell Manor

place setting at Worsell Manor, photo via

The Barn at Worsell Manor offers 300 years of history and a rustic, scenic backdrop for your wedding. The spacious barn allows your guests to move and flow at your wedding with ease. The venue can accommodate 190 guests and even offers a heating or AC cooling system to keep you and your guests comfortable. The venue even gives the couples and guests the option of staying overnight in the restored 1683 manor, which offers six bedrooms and a truly rustic feel.   

Decorating Barn Weddings in Maryland

Decor for your barn wedding can be as personalized as you’d like to make it. There are so many things to think about just for decor when planning your wedding. From lighting to guest books, you have so many options to make your wedding feel like it's yours. Here are some ideas to think about when you start planning your barn wedding. 

Wood Decor

Seating chart made on wood, photo via

Natural wood decor is just one of the many ways to incorporate a barn feel throughout your whole day. From seating charts to direction signs to the menu for the night, you have a lot of options from which to choose.  Draw out the letters on the signs yourself, create stickers on a cricut, or hire someone for their calligraphy skills so that your wood decor is not only a guest favorite but also matches the rest of your decor. Top it off with extra flowers you use to decorate the rest of the venue. 

Repurposed Vintage Furniture

Drinks placed on a vintage dresser, photo via

A wonderful way to repurpose vintage or second hand furniture is to use it at your wedding. You could create a cute hydration station for your guests, use mirrors for interesting decor throughout your venue, or find a wide chair for you and your significant other to share at your reception. Search your local thrift stores, vintage stores, and places like Facebook Marketplace to find the perfect vintage furniture that fits the style of your wedding. When the wedding’s over, you can keep the furniture in your house, donate it back to your local thrift store, or resell it. 

Simple Flower Arrangements

simple flower arrangement ,photo via

A beautiful barn wedding venue lends itself well to simple flower arrangements. Whether you’re making your bridesmaids’ bouquets or your centerpieces, you don’t necessarily need the biggest flower arrangements if you don’t want them. Simple flowers you can include in your arrangements are baby’s breath, daisies, leatherleaf ferns, ivy, and moss. 

Non-traditional guest book

Polaroid guest book. photo via

If you don’t want a traditional guest book, there are plenty of other options for you. Try a Polaroid guest book where guests can write a message to you and capture their own images of your day. With this option, you can look back on and visually remember your special day. If that’s not your style, try these ideas:

  • Have your guests sign a personalized globe
  • Provide a dictionary and ask your guests to sign by a word that reminds them of you
  • Buy a Jenga game and have your guests sign different pieces
  • Let your guests leave a personalized note on an old vinyl record

Romantic lighting throughout the venue

Candles lit, photo via

While there may already be lighting in your barn venue, there can truly never be enough romantic lighting, such as candles or warm, low-light light bulbs. Implement candles in your centerpieces and around your venue, put small string lights in clear jars, or place lanterns to light paths on the exterior of your venue. 

Catering for Barn Weddings in Maryland

The Smokehouse Grill's Filet Mignon

Food is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. When choosing a caterer, think about what style of food you’d like, your budget, and just how much you enjoy the food. Check out what The Smokehouse Grill has to offer for barn weddings in Maryland. 

The Perfect Catering For Your Barn Wedding

At The Smokehouse Grill, we have dining packages that pair perfectly with barn weddings in Maryland. For catering, we serve all you can eat barbeque packages, upscale catering options, and popular hors d’oeuvres that are sure to be a hit at your wedding. We offer pre-set packages for 25 guests and up, so no matter how small or large your guest list is, we can accommodate. Our barbeque packages are grilled fresh at your event and can include pulled pork, ribs, chicken wings, and more. Choose from our delicious sides, which include salads, mac and cheese, corn on the cob, among other selections. Add a desert like strawberry and cream cheesecake, triple chocolate layer cake, or the original Smith Island cakes. 

We also offer upscale non-barbeque packages that may include delicious smokehouse prime rib, marinated chicken breasts, or crab cakes. All the packages include appetizers, sides, and salads to accompany the main dishes. 

All of our options include the option for on-site catering or drop-off catering. 

A Bar Package That Suits Your Needs

We also offer four different alcohol packages that are sure to suit your needs. Tap trailers and draft local brews are available for all events. We offer beer, wine, liquor, sodas, teas, and lemonades so that all your guests can enjoy a beverage. We even offer the option to upgrade your beer to a premium beer package so that you can enjoy a variety of beer options. 

At The Smokehouse Grill, we have something for everyone. Get in touch with The Smokehouse Grill to start planning out your menu for your barn wedding in Maryland.

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